What's Your Favorite PSX/PS2 Gran Turismo?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 3' started by Tina Branford, May 10, 2018.

  1. Tina Branford

    Tina Branford (Banned)

    As the title asks what's your favorite PSX/PS2 era GT ladies(the few there may be) and gentlemen?

    Mine personally is Gran Turismo 4 followed by Gran Turismo 3 A Spec. The mere fact that you can use wheel, shifter, and pedal set-ups with those two puts them at the top. In addition you can change TCS, ASM etc off and put steering aids on Beginner, Amateur, Professional, and Simulation suitable to the skill the player possesses.
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  2. Nismonath5

    Nismonath5 Premium

    New Zealand
    Gran Turismo 4 is quite simply THE Gran Turismo game. Colossal amounts of content for the price, no shortage of things to do, and a jaw dropping roster of cars and tracks. Plus actual endurance races! Not those 24 minute ones on GT6...
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  3. OneGunner


    I jumped from Gran Turismo 2 to Gran Turismo Sport (big jump I know, I took a long break from video games). So GT2 I have a lot of nostalgia for. But I look forward to playing GT3 and 4 as I do have a working PS2, and I try to play it as often as possible.
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  4. HagSpeed900


    Gran Turismo 4 is my favorite.
  5. Depo


    I,m currently busy with trying to complete all gt games and my favourite is gt4 can,t wait to do the 24h races
  6. Jakkal


    United States
    The first as it has the most nostalgia for me. I remember playing the demo religiously in the late 90s before I ever got the actual game.
  7. Jay Matthews

    Jay Matthews

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  8. 2_FAST_4_U


    United States
    GT4 reigns as the King imho considering going from GT3 to GT4 with such a increased technology explosion.
  9. Overload_35


    My favorite without a doubt is Gran Turismo 2, besides being the title of the saga with which I grew the most, I have a lot of good memories about it. Of all the ones with the most varied and unique cars in history, there are some cars that you wouldn't dream in the night in the game like the Vector M12, Chrysler Phaeton, Lister Storm V12, Jaguar XJR15, Tommi Kaira ZZ-II. There are JGTCs of several years, there are a lot of iconic Rally cars, the best brands of Japanese Tuner's like Mine's, Re-Amemiya, Mugen, Nismo, TRD and many others. It has the most curious and iconic circuits of the saga, including some that never appeared again (I hope they reappear) like Red Rock Valley, Tahiti Road, Pikes Peak. For me this is the Ne Plus Ultra for fans of racing games, if you are wondering, there are also the cars that raced at Le Mans and the original ones created by the Gran Turismo Team. Realistic physics, exaggerated setups, a slew of events dedicated to every type of car in the game (except for Drag Racing due to time constraints have been removed). And if that were not enough, it is the one with the most beautiful and deleted contents of the saga, think of the Mclaren F1, Clk GT-R, of the Ferraris, Porsche, Pagans, not to mention the tracks like Indi (Indianapolis on NIGHT), Cote D 'Azur (At sunset), and some other tracks that have undergone numerous modifications. It's really a giant to be a PS1 game!
  10. cirno2duo


    United Kingdom
    GT1’s PAL soundtrack comes to mind.

    GT1/3 felt more fun to play even if there’s a bit limited choices of what’s available. 2/4 were both milestones sure just like the first game was, but idk how to describe my feelings towards them. 4 tends to wear out a lot of hardware too, probably due to being a dual layer disc, seems to have trouble on my SCPH-50003 loading sometimes while GT3 has been far more played and works fine...

    To @Overload_35, while I may not have as much fondness for GT2 as you, Red Rock Valley is a track they really shouldn’t have left behind. Same with El Capitan (which is leftover in GT5’s files, strange decision to remove it...)