Wheel2Wheel Racing League is Recruiting! (100% Distance)

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  1. Riggy


    United Kingdom
    Wheel2wheelracing league is recruiting! We are currently on season 7 and have been racing since F1 2012. Two splits at the moment, one running on a Wednesday evening and the other on Friday evening, both starting at 7:30pm GMT. While we promote clean and fair racing, we also accept that accidents and incidents do sometimes happen, and we have a team of stewards and FIA members who look over all the incidents that are reported and take action as necessary.

    We run 100% distance, official calendar with a formation lap, strict rules, safety car, dynamic weather etc all turned on. All assists except brake and pit assist are allowed, though we are currently recruiting no assist players to bring back our pro league where they're all disabled. Pad and wheel users alike are all welcome, all we ask is for committed people who will see out the race and the season (rage quitters need not apply.)

    We also upload weekly race edits of all the action so people are encouraged to record their races.

    If anyone is interested please visit the forums below and sign up and let us know when you want to race etc.

    www.wheel2wheelracing.co.uk / www.wheel2wheelracing.forumotion.co.uk

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    This sounds AWESOME!!! but I'm Canadian and the 6 hour difference will make the Wednesday races tough...
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