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  1. 11riku99


    One of my friends showed me a hummer and a smart car that he bought tune setups for off of the market place smart car class a and hummer class a I think
    He started off just bouncing the front wheels off the ground and then ended up going nose toward the sky
    Is this tuning setup he bought a hack or is there really a way to do this if so how? I always assumed piling wheelies would be impossible in forza due to not being able to buy fat enough tyres or get enough grip anyone care to input their opinion thoughts or knowledge? Thanks
  2. Duke_of_hazard


    I had a fully built up cult with evo engine and 4wd then i put all the suspension settings to the softest they would go then ran down the old Le Mans straight with no chicanes and move the camera in 3rd person slightly left as you go down the straight and it looks like the front wheels are bouncing about 1 foot of the track while moving at a fairly good pace. :)