When are races scheduled??

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    I have been kicking around the idea of racing on Iracing for a while now..and since Forza5 let me down a little makes me think more and more about PC racing....But before I start puting money into my PC I have a couple questions...Please keep in mind I want to Road Race and not Oval

    1-Mainly when and how are races scheduled??..I can dedicate a few hours a week to a race but not a specific time....Meaning can I catch a "ranked" race at any given time......
    2-How detailed is the tuning??...Is it more or less complicated that Forza..I have becaome a OK tuner but I know it can take alot of time up to do it right...Or can I purchase tunes??
    3-Same with paint jobs...is this something that can be purchased with "game credits" or do you have to use real money.....

    If I can get guidance on these three questions might lean me towards trying it out...I have NEVER PC gamed before but Im sure there are alot of installs and updates that has to be done...maybe Im wrong..This worries/scares me
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    1. In Iracing, it depends on the. You can generally find ranked races at any given time in the majority of the series.
    2. There is tuning and it gets more detailed and complicated has you advance. The higher the ranked series, the more tuning. You will start in a Mazda Miata in rookies. There is no tuning. There are places like Craig's setup shop to find tunes. You just pay a monthly membership fee.
    3. Paint jobs are all on Trading Paints. It is a separate website. There are thousands of paint schemes to choose from. You can also make your own. It just takes some learning.
    4. Yes, there are updates and 3rd party programs that you will want to use. They will all tell you when they need to update. Just click ok and let them do their thing. It's no big deal.
    The thing about Iracing is you have to purchase everything separate. It gets expensive quick. Generally, it's best to buy a little at a time. It is worth it, in my opinion.

    The racing is far superior to anything else out there. The open practices alone make Iracing worth it. There are numerous things that the devs are working on now too. All of those things will just going to make it that much better. I would definitely suggest that you dontd go cheap on a PC. Get or build a good one. I am not a PC expert, so I can't help with that.

    Good luck, hope this helped some.
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    Races are scheduled so you can't find one "at any given time" of course but they are run multiple times per day.

    Tuning - Forza is very arcade-like in comparison so yes iRacing has far more detailed tuning options and the results of those tunes are more realistic than anything in Forza. Some series are fixed though and tuning gets unlocked higher up in the licenses.

    Paint Jobs - you can use the base web GUI to chose a basic livery and colour options, you can go to somewhere like Trading Paints, or you can use GIMP or Photoshop etc to edit the official templates and create your own unique liveries.

    Running a gaming PC can be a pain in comparison to the ease of a console (one of the reasons why consoles are so popular). It is worth the effort though as long as you do things methodically and are patient. But in general as long as you keep your software up to date, your drivers up to date and your firmware up to date for all components of your setup you should be fine. And always remember that when something stops working always think "what was the last thing that changed" and go from there.