When did you buy GT4? Share your memories

I played GT3 for a few years before and I remember my dad renting GT4 and me being blown away by the map-style menu, it was so new at the time and unlike anything I had seen in a video game. I got it for Christmas of 2006, after it became a Greatest Hits in March of that year. My fat PS2 wouldn't read the disc so I found a DIY somewhere (maybe it was here?) with detailed instructions on cleaning the disc reader or something.

I would race of course but I would spend a lot of time in the used car dealerships trying to find minute difference between different trims or model years. I learned about Holden and FPV for the first time and I would spend hours on wikipedia reading about cars. The year after, my friend went to an import shop to buy a Supra and I just remember running around looking at all the different cars I had seen in the game at this point but not IRL, as well as cars I had never heard of at the time (Eunos Cosmo '90). Good times.

Share your stories :cheers:
I must've been about 5 years old when my dad got a PS2 with GT4. Because five year old me had no concept of saving money I would spend all day staring at cars I couldn't afford in the dealerships like the Toyota GT ONE and Mazda 787b. My favourite car was the blue '93 Skyline GTR which I only drove in arcade mode.
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I have been playing GT since the summer of 2000 when i was 12 years old when my former brother in law brought his psone over and introduced me to the franchise I've loved it ever since. I played GT1 after playing GT2 then played GT3. I first bought this game in summer 2006. These games helped nurture my interest and love of cars and I learnt about a lot of cars I never knew of before. It was GT that introduced me to Mazda RX-7's one of my favorite cars. I like the year 2006 and I was in a decent place in life then. When I turned the game on and looked around at dealerships I was immediately pleased that they brought back classics and when I seen the 1969 Mazda Cosmo L10B and the cute little Carol in the Mazda classics dealership I was so happy, that was a magical moment. This was also the game that seemed the hardest out of all of them and I couldn't gold licenses like i could the other GT's. It was then that I found out this game was designed to play ideally with a wheel and pedal setup and thus my goal was to get one of those. Later in 2007 I bought a G25 and my GT experience went from great to AMAZING! Now all these years later I'm still playing it.
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It came out the day after my 21st birthday and I got it that day. Unfortunately I left 4 months later to join the military and didn't play much after that until now. I had way more memories with GT3 but I'm glad to finally give this game the attention it deserves.
Around 2008 or so, we bought PS2 and games including GT4 from my brother in law. At the time I remember just driving familiar (often seen on the streets) cars around for no reason in arcade mode and beating huge chunk of the game using op cars and b-spec (very cheap) just to unlock cars for arcade. :lol:


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GT4 was the game that started it all for me. I got a PS2 for Christmas in either 2005 or 2006 (I can't remember exactly) and weirdly enough, I didn't really want it. Video games were very new to me and it took a while for me to get into it. However, I was yet to find a serious motive for playing it. In 2007, my dad introduced me to Top Gear and I instantly got addicted to it. I may not have understood what they were talking about, but that didn't matter - I just loved seeing the cars. You may not think that's relevant, but the episode that inspired me to go out and buy GT4 was the one where Clarkson drove the NSX around Laguna Seca. Before he did it for real, he drove the car on GT4 and I was instantly intrigued by what I saw. A few weeks later I got the game from K-Mart and the rest, as they say, is history. The first thing I ever did was drive the '05 Mustang on the Nurburgring. But I was still a novice and didn't really know how to navigate the game properly, and literally had no idea what I was doing. Then again I did end up teaching my dad about some obscure vehicles that not even he was aware of. It wasn't until 2009 that I got the hang of it and had a proper crack at the career mode. I got to about 62% completion before I left it to play GT5. I was proud of that, and it wasn't until my most recent playthrough THIS YEAR where I ended up passing that figure. GT4 has contributed soo much to my motoring life, ultimately leading me to this forum on which I make this very post. GT3 may be considered to be the best Gran Turismo game ever, but GT4 will always be my favourite, no matter what GT7 brings.
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GT4 will always be my favourite, no matter what GT7 brings.

Same. The overall depth of GT4 has yet to be matched IMHO. And the game looks great in 1080i on my 23 inch monitor fed by a component to HDMI converter.

The game certainly has its shortcomings like AI that always follows a set line no matter what. But I find it still be a lot of fun. I have recently started playing it again with a GT Force wheel after many years away from the game.

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GT4 was a release day purchase for me, I had it on pre-order. I remember gettng home from work, unwrapping the game, poppping it into my PlayStation and less than half way through my first race when some family friends who lived a distance away happened to be in the area and called round, so I did the polite thing and switched it off for a few hours :irked:. I did end up playing into the early hours afterwards to make up for it.