When did you buy GT4? Share your memories

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  1. BobSpeedRacer


    I played GT3 for a few years before and I remember my dad renting GT4 and me being blown away by the map-style menu, it was so new at the time and unlike anything I had seen in a video game. I got it for Christmas of 2006, after it became a Greatest Hits in March of that year. My fat PS2 wouldn't read the disc so I found a DIY somewhere (maybe it was here?) with detailed instructions on cleaning the disc reader or something.

    I would race of course but I would spend a lot of time in the used car dealerships trying to find minute difference between different trims or model years. I learned about Holden and FPV for the first time and I would spend hours on wikipedia reading about cars. The year after, my friend went to an import shop to buy a Supra and I just remember running around looking at all the different cars I had seen in the game at this point but not IRL, as well as cars I had never heard of at the time (Eunos Cosmo '90). Good times.

    Share your stories :cheers:
  2. goongumps


    I must've been about 5 years old when my dad got a PS2 with GT4. Because five year old me had no concept of saving money I would spend all day staring at cars I couldn't afford in the dealerships like the Toyota GT ONE and Mazda 787b. My favourite car was the blue '93 Skyline GTR which I only drove in arcade mode.
  3. Raine


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    I have been playing GT since the summer of 2000 when i was 12 years old when my former brother in law brought his psone over and introduced me to the franchise I've loved it ever since. I played GT1 after playing GT2 then played GT3. I first bought this game in summer 2006. These games helped nurture my interest and love of cars and I learnt about a lot of cars I never knew of before. It was GT that introduced me to Mazda RX-7's one of my favorite cars. I like the year 2006 and I was in a decent place in life then. When I turned the game on and looked around at dealerships I was immediately pleased that they brought back classics and when I seen the 1969 Mazda Cosmo L10B and the cute little Carol in the Mazda classics dealership I was so happy, that was a magical moment. This was also the game that seemed the hardest out of all of them and I couldn't gold licenses like i could the other GT's. It was then that I found out this game was designed to play ideally with a wheel and pedal setup and thus my goal was to get one of those. Later in 2007 I bought a G25 and my GT experience went from great to AMAZING! Now all these years later I'm still playing it.
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