Where can i find GTHD v.1.2? :(

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by metakn1ght, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. metakn1ght


    Ok, i've heard about this. *note this is my last post today lol* I REALLY want this update for it but i can't find it in the PS3 online store! :( Can somebody tell me where to find it? I live in Australia
  2. thefraggle


    United Kingdom
    GTHD is no longer on the site that i can see and i am based in the UK. I did try downloading it so i had the setup file so i could e mial it to people that still wanted it but am sorry to say i could not copy the setup file to an external source.
  3. nick09

    nick09 (Banned)

    United States
    I got two ways one is check the games area not demos and if that does not work read the rest of my post.

    2nd way:
    Sign up to the US version of playstation.com now log into your new account using the login stuff(from us playstation) same way like your australia psn.

    go to the store(in games not demos).

    download and install(ps3 games are region free).

    Note: after this make sure you sign back into australia psn because US firmware can crash a ps3 from a different region.
  4. H3rmaN


    Signing into the US PSN has NOTHING to do with firmware. When a new FW update is out your console will automatically download the correct FW for your region.

    Also a few of my mates have US and JPN PS3's (we live in the UK) and they have UK PSN ID's and have downloaded and installed every FW (inc 2.40) without any problems.

    As for the OP, it has been taken down, not sure if its available on the US PSN tho. I thought it was taken down everywhere ages ago.

    EDIT: Oops...just realised the last post in this thread was from April!