Where can I improve on the Nurburgring?

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    So I use GTS to practice the ring, to actually drive there in real life, I went in October for second time.

    But I also like to drive the high downforce cars for something and giggles.

    I broke my own record at the weekend with a 5.12 in the Mercedes F1 car, with super soft racing tyres and all the mods. TCS off and with a G29 wheel on PS4. Although I made a few mistakes on this recoding, mainly on the carousel.

    Last night I got that down to 5.11, but that is about as fast as I can go, I thought that was pretty quick!
    ......Then I checked online, and seems the record is sub 5 seconds (around 4.50) :idea:

    Be interested to hear from any ring kings what corners I can take quicker.....
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    Well I would say the best players take all the corners a bit quicker so it compounds to make for a significantly faster time overall. Other than that, the corners that lead to long straights are the most important as you lose precious time if your corner exit isn't optimal.
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  3. raghza


    I watched the first half of your lap and what I immediately noticed:
    Don't cut the curbs. In many cases they throw the car out of balance and tiny corrections are needed.
    In several corners you exit the corner on the middle of the road, not on the side (near the curb). That means that your trajectory and/or speed for that corner was not optimal.

    Do you have the Lewis Hamilton TT DLC? You should watch his lap on the Nordschleife - it's not the same car, but he has really smooth lines, which I think might improve your time by a lot.
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  4. BaareCZ


    Czech Republic
    The Nordschleife has, according to the official website, 73 corners (33 left, 40 right). So, just being 0.1 seconds slower in every corner will add up to 7.3 seconds at the end of the lap. Which is crazy. First thing I've noticed is that it says RS not RSS tyres in this video. Next thing is that you don't brake 100% in heavy braking zones which leads to you being too fast on the entry, going wide and therefore losing time (like at 2:03). It's just a couple of tenths but it's quite often and it will show at the finish line. I too used to think that the less I brake the faster I'll be but it's actually quite the opposite. Especially on a track with a lot of corners. What I've learned on this track is that the line through the corner and the exit out of the corner are the most important things. In some of the corners you go in way too fast (the best example here is at 2:03 and both Karussells). That compromises your line and costs you time. Try braking harder. You'll see that you'll be able to take the optimal line more easily and go full throttle earlier. And that's what this track is all about, going full throttle as soon as possible. Also the lift-off at 1:40, 2:55 and 4:25 may have been unnecessary imo. But that's insignificant. And try to avoid taking too much of the outside kerbs in slower corners if you can. At lower speeds, when there's not a lot of downforce, it might unsettle the car. But all this is just my opinion. I love this track and have done many many many laps around it but I'm in no way a ring king. Keep at it and the results will come.

    P.S.: I don't want to rain on your parade but I don't think you'll be able to shave 20 seconds off your best time, man. And if you do then let us know. :tup:
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