where to find matte paint colors?

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  1. mav


    I searched and found some scattered posts on this topic so I thought it could be useful as a single post.

    Where can you find matte paint colors?

    Matte Black - Lexus LFA
    Matte Dark Grey (AMG Monza Grau Magno) - Mercedes SLS
    Matte White - ?
    Matte Red - ?
    Matte Blue - ?

    Anyone want to contribute?
  2. witham

    United Kingdom Brighton

    Matte light grey on ferrari california

    England Devon

    I've used a Matte Red, no idea what I got it from though. Was quite early in the game. I've also got a Green and Pink. I'm pretty sure the pink was from the 2nd Gone like the Wind challange.
  4. neema_t

    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    I have been given matte pink and matte light blue as rewards, the pink for the 'hardest' karting challenge and light blue when I got to 50 cars in my garage... Probably not what you were asking but I guess whenever you're eligible for a 'special paint colour', matte is likely to happen. I would guess it happens once for every 50th car in your garage?
  5. Vautwin


    I suddenly got matt white but dont think it was coupled to a race, i think i just fulfilled the requirements. If u find matt black tho just let me know.
  6. RedStradale


    Hi Im new to this forum but Ive been sanning them for quite a while for gt5 news. I just wanted to know if I buy a car like a ford gt or viper and paint it can I also change the colour of the stripes and if you cant do the original stripes stay? thanks in advance.
  7. HaylRayzor


    I tried painting a viper and it DID erase the stripes.
  8. zod


    I think I got blue today but I forgot how I got it ...I think it was the reward for gold medals in all go-kart special events.
  9. Aryanenzo


    This whole buying cars, collecting colors is the BIGGEST flaw in the game. I don't care about 800 standards, i don't use them. I don't care about Rain effects, i don't drive in them. But the Gallardo comes in 3 colors and the actual car has many more colors. I have to pay 100k to get lime green for it. It affects the whole game's experience. That's rediculous and it's now how it's done in real life.

    Worst decision by PD. :tdown:
  10. XGlaboX


    You get a matte or chrome paint every 30 cars in your garage!
    If you don't like it, don't push ok but restart en you will get a different one!
  11. HondaElement


    You either get matte paint, chrome, or horns or some combination of horn and paint every 30 cars.

    The paint choices are random and sometimes people get 1000 cars with not many paint prizes, sometimes people are lucky, sometimes they are not.
  12. BryantFC


    any idea on matte yellow? been meaning to color my GT-R that color.
  13. Unidos


    You get a random Matte paint for every 30 cars you attain and then the LFA has Matt Black paintchip also.
  14. tam38gti


    LOL. Frankly, my dear...I don't give a damn!
  15. DriverSS


    matte Yellow is one of them. Here's what I've got/seen so far:

    AMG Monza grau magno
    Matte Black
    Matte Blue
    Matte Brown 2x
    Matte Dark Gray
    Matte Dark Silver 2x
    Matte Light Gray
    Matte Light Green
    Matte Light Red
    Matte Orange
    Matte Purple 4x
    Matte Red
    Matte Silver 2x
    Matte White 2x
    Matte Yellow
  16. Fredstar88


    Keep in mind that Matte Black and Matt Black are two different colours (with 'e' is the PD made one while the no-'e' is the Lexus version)
  17. GTP_roadrunner


    I got a matte pink :eek: after reaching a specific car count.
  18. opelgt1969

    United States Bristol,Va USA

    AMG Monza grau magno
    Matt black
    Matte Black
    Matte Blue
    Matte Dark Blue
    Matte Dark Gray
    Matte Dark Green
    Matte Dark Red
    Matte Dark Silver
    Matte Gray
    Matte Green
    Matte Light Blue
    Matte Light Gray
    Matte Light Green
    Matte Light Red
    Matte Light Silver
    Matte Orange
    Matte Pink
    Matte Purple
    Matte Red
    Matte Silver
    Matte White
    Matte Yellow

    From another thread.
  19. AlexGTV

    Greece Salonica

    Matte rocks!
  20. jmtrvenom19


    when i finished the go kart experience i got matte dark silver when i finished the all the levels
  21. McZachenF1138

    United States Pittsburgh, USA

    Yeah, I got my first chrome paint (gold) for having 160 cars in my garage last week.
    And I just got "Matte Dark Blue" for having 180 cars.
    The only other matte colors I have gotten is white and red. And those were early in the game.

    I think you get a paint for every multiple of 30 cars you get because I only got a horn for having 170 cars. I think it's pretty sporadic in what paint you get.
    Because like I said, in my total game history with 180 cars, I have only gotten three mattes and one chrome.
    Unfortunetly, I don't think the game really follows anything in particular as far as receiving special chips goes.
  22. sniper338

    United States Arizona

    Race modded 2010 Camaro :tup:
  23. Cpizzythegod

    United States CA

    Can i get a matte white