Which tracks can you tune for at the same time?

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    I make a great tune on Autumn Ring, nails absolutely all corners but it translates to sliding all over the place on Tsukuba

    But that Same tune works great on Grand Valley tracks. I think it's because of the grip levels in the Asphalt/tarmac

    So I've established that with Autumn/GVS you tune the same

    Tsukuba and what? Would be great to know which cars I can use from track to track.

    Current List (for drift tuning reference)

    Autumn Ring=GVS moreless(needs more testing)
    Autmn Ring>Tsukuba (not acurate translation, less grip, sliding more)

    Andalusia>Apricot Hill(slightly), Tuned on Apricot, nicer on Andalusia
    Volvo 242 with SS/CH ~282hp tuned on Apricot hill, works somewhat stable(004!) still prone to oversteer spins mid-corner but rather nice instant-360s(controllable). Actually nicer to drift on Andalusia (some random drift track with about 3x100 boring identical turns neatly packed on a hill, someone's highest was 143k). Feels nice to cruise also, feels like 500hp at the rear is shredding tyres, and the car feels like 1200kg or less.
    Using this tune on Autumn Ring, I feel a slightly tighter grip but same versatility moreless so
    Autumn Ring>Andalusia


    Master lines thus far
    Autumn Ring>Andalusia>Apricot Hill(slightly)

    Edit: more tracks
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