Whixh is more important? Tyre temp or tyre pressure?

Discussion in 'FM4 Tuning' started by rovens, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. rovens


    As per the title really. From reading tuning guides and comments on here and the forza.net forums it is clear that the tyres operate best at between 190-210 degrees (F) and at around 30psi hot.

    What i am wondering is which of these is more important, obviously the tyres wont grip at all if they are stone cold but also if the pressures are too high then the contact patch is reduced.

    So my question is what does the ingame tyre model put a priority on, correct temps or correct pressures?


  2. hennessey86


    I think you have to find a balance depending on the car as they are both of vital importance
  3. Ya Pops

    Ya Pops

    ^What he said.
  4. Luminis


    If you can't get your tyres to heat up while somewhat close to the "correct" pressure, you're using too grippy a tyre compount, I'd say.
  5. Wolfe

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    I'm not sure how you could determine whether the game prioritizes one over the other, since they're interdependent. We already know if either one is too low/high, grip will suffer, so...basically what hennessey86 said.
  6. Spagetti69

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    I would say over 200 degrees starts losing grip.
    The telemetry goes red when your tires are suffering.
    If I had a choice of 30 psi and 270 degrees red tires screaming and 10psi 190 degrees green tire temps I'd stick with the latter.

    Ok maybe a bit extreme in the examples but effectively your looking for around 190/200 across the surface of the tire. With the least amount of difference between inside and out. Whatever can provide that is good.
  7. sennafreak

    sennafreak (Banned)

    As a former GT boy, i don't have a clue about tyre pressure tuning. I suppose there is a difference between road and race cars, and the compound you are using, to which pressure you should set it. I was once surprised by an old BBC F1 coverage, which showed Senna's Mclaren was only running on (1.8-1.9 bar) or something; very low.

    In other words, what is the main difference between low and hard pressure on your tires? And which tyre pressures you guys mostly find ideal?
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    F1 cars can be very misleading in this reagard. What you have to keep in mind is that F1 suspension is set so stiff that it has very, very little compliance (and back in the ground effect days was almost solid), and the tyre sidewalls do most of the 'suspension' work. As such they run with pressure settings that simply would not work outside of F1.
  9. sennafreak

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    Makes sense, i remember Jonathan Palmer having the suspension pushed down and up, and you could see the tyres literally change shape.
    I think it was the '90 mclaren by the way.

    So what would be a good tyre pressure for a normal road car you race, and one for a R3-1 class racecar? is there a big difference?

    All i know is the recommended one in real life for your road car is about 2.1-2.5. Ofcourse that has safety in mind (brake distances), so i guess it can be lower when you take your volvo or your average honda to the track...