Why can you not look left and right when using the roof/hood view?

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I’ve always used this view because I feel it gives a good balance between realistic and practical. However, it’s nearly impossible to use it now because you can’t see anything beside you since there’s no way to look left and right in this view, you can only look around when in cockpit or bumper view. I understand why it isn’t available in the chase view since you can see all around the car, but why can you not look left and right when using the roof/hood view? I have to imagine it’s a bug since I can’t think of any reason why it makes sense and since it was available in GT6. But if it was done on purpose, why’s that?
Because PD is backwards and years behind. Rather than being "on purpose" it's just not properly thought of, like countless other things.

And you should 100% be able to look left and right in chase view as well, if not an entire 360 view around the car. Tbqh I'm legitimately surprised at the new ability to look behind by pressing down on the analog stick given how long it's taken GT to add certain functionalities. Probably another 5+ years before we can look left/right in all views.
I assume it's a limitation of the engine, or in other words something they left out to improve the 180 degrees visual experience. Full 360 degree rotation probably means more stuff needs to be rendered at the same time.

It would be nice to have though, but I would assume this has been left out by design choice by PD.


While I'd like to see the side views and rear-view mirror being added to this camera view (I use this one myself as well) don't count on it being added any time soon. I've made a whole thread on this on the closed beta forums and got many replies/likes on it so many people definately want to have this. Also made suggestions through both the closed beta and open beta bug trackers about this. But as you can see, they've done nothing to improve this camera view at all. It's still the same old GT4 camera view really, while all the other views received upgrades. It's a bit silly to be honest, especially because Kaz his reply in an interview was that he felt that with this view having all these things it would have more advantages than the other views. So it's not that it's not possible, Kaz just doesn't want to add these things to this view. So yeah.. I guess we sadly just have to deal with it or use another view.
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360-chase/ roof camera was in the very first Beta. Then when they updated it with the ability to adjust the camera position, the 360-camera was turned off.
Yep, for no reason...they decided to get rid of the 360 chase cam after a certain update for the beta version.

I thought it was a glitch or something that they disabled it at first.