Why can't i win!?!?

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  1. HDT Commodore

    HDT Commodore

    I have gt1,3,4&5. 3-5 are easy, but i can't do well in gt1. i do well in arcade mode, i can win if i try, but in gtmode, i have won sunday cup and fr challenge, but i used a fairly tuned ma70 supra, so it shouldnt be hard. with my integra, i cant win lightweight! i have a type r @ 258hp 1100kg. i havent tried ff since i got the dc2 but my old ek did awful @ ff & lightweight. I do crash sometimes, but even if i drive well i still get beaten by a demio!:banghead:
    heres me driving: what am i doing wrong? do i use too much throttle? i seem to slide more than the other cars.
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  2. Crashbroke23


    What compound of tires are you using? The opponents in the FF/FR/AWD/LW series all have moderatly tuned cars and they demand that your car be tuned to a high level too. Your car's tires can make a huge difference in your pace comparing to the Ai, so experiment with the tires to see what gets you the most pace.

    I used a Mitsubishi Mirage Asti in my Youtube GT1 series, although I have used a Civic with some success although I was down on power against the ai.

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    GT1 does not use stock cars at any point, usually they are what I'd consider mid-grade tuned cars, (2nd stage upgrades, hard racing tires or soft sports, and any other mid range pieces you can think of). If I have any advice for you, it's ignore your stats. If you want a perfect win/loss, you're better off eating your shoes. Throw out your stats, throw out the car stats. Keep racing. Find a base car you like and run with it to make it better.
  4. HDT Commodore

    HDT Commodore

    I just thought that if my integra was more powerful than the other one, then i should win easy. Although i haven't really modded the weight (i dont want to waste money because ill probbably rm it later) or the mission/tranny/tires etc.

    also, the video stopped uploading at 24%. what the hell am i doing wrong? i tried uploading to youtube once before and it did the same (maybe different %) i just put it down to the fact that the file was HUGE &i didn't realise.

    k, ill farm fr & try to ^grade my dc2

    qualifying is ridiculous! my 70supra got +6 on deep forest (fr) yet in the actual race i could easily beat everyone.

    I won lightweight and ff challenge! Thanks for the help, the 40k from fr helped bigtime! I now have a used gto mr. saving for rm.
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