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    So having taken a slight break from racing I came from GT6 to Project Cars, took a bit of adjusting but everyone likes a challenge right?...

    I thought I would struggle at first with the transition, especially when seeing where I qualified ... Until I start the race... What is it with PCars that has everyone losing their mind?

    1. Corner 1 usually doesn't allow for 4 cars to go through side by side, yet I see this in most races...
    2. If you're battling with an opponent and going head to head, cars will just turn in on you as if your not there (regardless of who has the racing line or priority)
    3. Rejoining the track, When someone spins off they instantly forget? there are 15 other people coming their way and just roll about the track or pull right across it
    4. Corner/Engine Cuts, just putting yourself in the racing line expecting a push?
    5. Not yielding in the event of collision taking everyone for a trip to the barrier
    6. Disconnecting if you fall 2 - 3 seconds back, (don't think I have ever been in a race where it ended with a full complement.... or even over 5 for that matter!)
    Thankfully with the above ^^^ Qualifying is irrelevant, as Corner 1 negates that :) and it's by lap2 things settle and by lap 5 half of the grid has disconnected, so bonus, always a top 10 finish! :)

    I've always driven to the OLRR (Online Racing Rules) which are throughout this forum, and I expect what most of you reading this threat will ... but Where do I find you guys???

    I was hoping to find a GT3 League for the PS4 but can't see any active ones
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    Well coming from GT6 or any other forms of online racing,it's pretty much them norm. Join a league or club. Usually good clean racing. As for random online. Good luck. Just stay in the back and let the carnage unfold.
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    I had a chuckle when reading your post and it reminded me of my philosophy that was formed back in the day when we still did those pen and paper race series here at GTPlanet.

    A couple of quick ground rules I use while doing my races. These are in addition to the standard race rules we know so well. Two wheels on the track, no shortcuts (even when the game allows it) and so on. The objective is to have fun and try to replicate the RL racing experience. This is a chill out time to just enjoy racing and not always try to win at all costs. I use the following games. FM3, FM4, FM6, PGR4, Race Pro, Project Cars, F1 2013, GRID Autosport and a few others. Pick what works for you.

    1. Even when not using sim damage in the race I must drive like it is on. The AI may drive like drunken fools and I must take this into account. Remember they are not human opponents who are trying to take advantage of my every weakness. It’s not their fault. It’s the fault of the programmers. Lol.

    2. The objective is not to win the race all the time but to simulate and enjoy what these cars and tracks would/could be like in RL. I know that I could/would never finish on a podium so why would I try to do it in gaming. I enjoy the challenge of operating in traffic. If I wanted clear racing I have hot laps/TT’s for that. Sometimes the cars are tuned. Many times they are stock so I am not overpowering them.

    3. My objective is to finish the race. If I win by my parameters that is okay. But it’s not the goal. If I finish 10th by driving a clean error free race surrounded by the AI I’m good with that. I usually run a test race of 3-5 laps with the car/track and see how I do. It’s usually one that is on a race schedule from any of the series I follow. NASCAR, Indycar, F1, IMSA, WTCC, DTM, WEC, BTCC etc. I can usually find a good combo to keep my interest. Then I’ll do a 10-30 lapper and just chill out.

    4. If the AI slams into me from the rear/side I may control my car and not take the penalty. But if I slam into them (front, side) or hit an obstacle like a guardrail I must give up one place to the AI. This encourages RL consequences. It would probably happen in RL. It teaches me to back off. Damage to my car would slow me down, right? This trains me to not try to fit my car into a space the size of a breadbox.

    5. If I run off the track, just like RL racing I must wait for traffic to clear! None of that video game crap we see in the online lobbies.

    6. I must drive as if the race organizers/sponsors are watching and would penalize me with added time, drive through pits, suspensions, firing my butt, etc.

    7. Assists as you wish but the focus is realism.

    8. Most of the time I’ll finish in the middle of the pack. Sometimes I’ll really screw up and finish last. And this is important. If I screw up or the AI screws me over I just keep going. There’s always another race. And once in a blue moon if I’ve set up the race properly I come through like a champion and win the damn race/series.