Why doesn't my car perform same as in the video

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This is my first post, I joined the forum for this.. Yes I'm totally OCD on GTS right now. So here's the detailed question for those of you who can't stand being 0.74% slower.....

Track: Nurburgring Nordschleife
Sector: 11 - Circuit Experience

Watch the training video for sector 11 in the Circuit Experience section. It starts on the final straight with the car approaching top speed. All you need to do is hold the accelerator at 100%.

In the training video the car easily gets to 271 km/hr & holds that speed steady (until the car comes over the small incline and accelerates further). When I do it, my car only gets to 270 km/hr AND THEN DROPS BACK TO 269 km/hr for a while until the car eventually gets over the small incline to accelerate further.

I can't find any reason for this; have tried with wheel and with controller and even disconnected from the network. I've tried with Traction Control and without; no difference. Why is my car slower than the one in the training video? Is it benefiting from a PS4 Pro? (I'm on regular PS4), or has the physics changed since the video was made? Or is my wheel/pedal not 100% effecive (Logitec G29)

Please let me know if your car gets to 271 or 270/269 on the start of sector 11.
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Some times, well almost everytime the speed in replays is one or two kmh larger than in game screen.
No idea why.
Have noticed this several times on my replay vids.
So its not related to physics IMO
The physics in the original footage are quite different from what we have now. Don't forget it was probably done on the first iteration of the handling model and is therefore useless in providing any guidance.