Will GT7 likely be released on 2 blu ray discs because of very big file size?

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Considering that GT Sport size is 110 GB with 337 cars and 29 tracks with the graphics of ps4 models and tracks, I think that GT7 on PS5 with even better graphics, tracks details, physics, AI stuff, ray tracing, 4k, dynamic weather & time, more content, events, cars, tracks and features that could get much bigger than GT Sport and at launch be more than 160 GB or even 200 GB. With updates it can reach 270 GB by it's peak in 2025-2026. In that case it would need two blu ray 4K discs instead of only one disc, like it was with GT2 in 1999/2000.

In that case, GT7 would need two blu ray 4k discs because in 1 disc only 100 GB can be stored, which is less than the current size of gt sport?

What you think about? Do you agree with my prediction?
Install size isn't the same as size on disc; and most of the stuff you listed has very little effect on size in general.
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Solid state storage in PS5 also means that data will not need to be duplicated like it is with hard disks. Many games today place game assets several times across the hard disk in order to ensure load times are kept under control and that textures etc stream consistently into memory. Not needed at all with solid state tech.
They've got better compression techniques for PS5 now, so probably not.

One great example of a game whose file sizes have been effectively compressed is Hitman 3.

I honestly don't think GT7 would ever need two discs despite a possible significant increase in content such as cars and tracks with new technology. it will also sound weird if you were to split GT7 in the same way as GT2 with Arcade and Simulation modes, and that it would really take up unnecessary amounts of space (so let's stick to one complete package in one complete game).

Speaking of the idea of having two discs just for one game reminds me of Motorsports 3 and 4 back in the Xbox 360 days with Forza, where one is the main disc required to play and the other requiring to install additional cars, tracks and features.
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There should be an extra option for downloadable scapes, so it reduces the size of the game.
There should be an extra option for downloadable scapes, so it reduces the size of the game.
Well, most of GT Sport's scapes are in the optional scapes pack, they'd probably do it again.

Semi-custom installations for consoles are getting more common, look at CoD16:Modern Warfare Again, the disc contains some data, but not enough to really do anything, then you do a 100GiB update and you get... only the Warzone mode that I wish I could delete, THEN you get the option to download the campaign, multiplayer, etc in many, many packs, then you've got a 190+GiB game...
But uh, yeah. Won't be on two discs, that's reserved for enormous single player adventures and compilations now.