Windows - toggle "sets" of displays?

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    So I have this PC with two 1080p monitors, and I've been offered a cheap 4k monitor that I'd love to use for a sim rig to the side.

    Is there a way to toggle between my two existing monitors and just the third monitor?
    Since none of them are "internal" displays I'm assuming Win+P can't do this (unless there's a way to "tag" the third screen as a projector or something)?

    I *could* just extend the desktop to the third screen, but ideally I'd move everything over to the simrig screen (including taskbar, browser windows etc) and back with one hotkey.
    Custom scripts are an option as they can be hotkeyed through a shortcut.

    Edit: All three screens would be connected via displayport, if that makes a difference (4k monitor doesnt support hdmi 2.0)

    Edit II: I am using an nvidia card, in case there's anything in that control panel.

    Edit III: Big bonus if two sound devices could be toggled at the same time, or in a similar way
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    I suspect you'd be better of with external switches.
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    This might do it, I think they also do a command line tool to select audio devices. You could therefore feasibly set up batch files to toggle between two configurations and use AutoHotKey to make a custom keyboard shortcut to execute them.
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    Nircmd is probably going to be pretty useful. For the display you could use this to quickly set the primary display use it to set the 4k for gaming, when done, you can use it to set the first monitor back to primary. You can also use it to set audio preferences. Google nircmd or windows command line. Lots of info out there should help you out.