[WIP]Flex Arcade Racing Game

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    Hi all !
    *I apologize for my bad English.*

    I am currently working on 3D Flex Racing Game, and i have to say that it is very exiting and interesting. (Flex is Flash programing environment)
    I had done many 2D Flash games in the past but this game is my first 3D experience.

    I would like to share this experience with you to get some feedback about what have been done so far. And also to improve the game-play experience.

    Here are some technical details
    Flash only allow few polygons :
    - 500-1000 triangles a 60fps;
    - 1000-2000 triangles a 30fps;

    So it is a very low polygon game. (To get an idea, i can get close to the ps1 graphics).

    I have used this tutorial to do basic car related RigidBody Physics :
    Car Physics for Game

    For now the game physics are close to Ridge Racer 1 (maibe worth :|)
    My goal is to tend towards simulation. something like 50 / 50;

    To finish, i will say that i really like the fact that this is online.
    Because i will be able to make as much update as i want, new cars, new tracks, improve car physics, playability etc.

    I would be honored to get your feedback on that project.
    Thank you for your time.

    // WIP

    Rigid Body Simulation
    Accelerate, brake with left and right arrows, change gears with up and down arrows

    3D Test
    Change cameras with 1,2,3, move car with ZQSD