"Wipes eyes and sniffles" please help with my Caddy

Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by Steve Causier, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Steve Causier

    Steve Causier

    Boo hoo hoo
    I have a Caddy Cien that is crying out for a top speed tune for SSR X
    I have tried (almost) everything, but cannot get it over 275 (no nos)
    I know for a fact that it will do near enough 300 mph, because i have been passed by them while they were doing it !!!
    Surely someone out there in GT land must have a tune to help me ?
    Please ?
  2. Ronald6


    United States
    Were they drafting to achieve that speed?
  3. Steve Causier

    Steve Causier

    no, well, dont think so
  4. MrGrado


    Try RH tyres, BHP at max, weight at min, downforce at min, oil change (should have 1045BHP), lighter flywheel, set 6th gear to do 300MPH at redline (roughly 0.850 with standard final ratio). It's that simple.


    Top gear should be set to be at max BHP at max speed. On this car it's about at redline just by coincidence, or because max power is very high in RPM range. On another car, RPM might be much, much lower at max speed.

    It's super simple to tune for top speed. There's no reason for someone else to be tuning top speed tunes for you. See if you can figure the Supra out for yourself, if you still don't get it, post your tune and I will show you where you are going wrong.
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