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Mike Rotch

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Question for techies out there.

My new place has an upstairs and downstairs and I want to ensure strong wireless signal in both for streaming media. As I have two wireless modems, I was thinking I'd connect one upstairs and one downstairs on the same line and for devices up- and down-, just sync up with the appropriate signal.

Question: Will this work (two different wifi modems on one line) or do i need one modem and a wifi booster instead?


New Zealand
As far as I'm aware, you can only have one modem per line into the house. So you can't sync two modems in different ports on the same phone line.

Wifi Booster is the easiest and probably cheapest way to boost your signal strength. But I have found they aren't the best for a reliable connection. Web browsing and youtube sure, should be ok, but much past that, say gaming, I have come into problems.

Personally I use Powerline adapters myself, to provide a strong signal throughout each room required. I have a pc and PS3 connected via powerline and have had for years. More expensive, but much more reliable I have found from experience.
You can use one of the modems as a hub IIRC, just connect to it using ethernet and set it up to transmit via WiFi.

Get one of those Dlink powerline start kits and you should be set.