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I have looked and can't see an answer anywhere - My apologies if I have missed it....

I would like to buy the Suzuki Cappuccino, do an engine swap and max the car out. Its in the used car dealership - Some times. Can I add it to my wishlist anywhere or do I have to keep checking the UCD?

Thanks in advance.
I think the only way you can put a car that is not currently available on your wish list is if it's part of a menu book. Like the Spyder 55 isn't in the legends dealer right now but I can put in on my list from the extra menu that came out last week.
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I up this thread as I have the same question about a car sold at LCD.

Tried to wishlist it from my collection but there seem to not be any button/link/checkbox to do so.

It is not in a café menu.

Did I missed some way to whislist a car ?


I will mark this one as answered then! :cheers:

Best regards to all here.


PS - I never did "max out" the Suzuki. I might do now. Just for the heck of it!