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Discussion in 'GT6 Tuning' started by iGetMadAngle, Mar 25, 2015.



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    In this forum ill hopefully make some of you understand tuning in gt6 better. first im going to explain what i do, then ill explain what it does then tell why why i do what i do

    I do 2 different things with my transmission, First of all after u apply your power upgrades ALWAYS reset your transmission, the first thing i do is take the final gear to the left or to the right. usually if i'm in a race car like an rx7 touring car it will usually be to the right. Adjusting your final gear to the left will cause more acceleration, adjusting the final gear to the right will apply speed, these things really go right out of the window when your on comfort hard's. but this is a GUIDE. So ill tell you why i do what i do. After i move my final gear i set my max speed all the way down (to the left) then i set my gear ratios (the numbers) after i think it looks pretty i move my final gear to the left or right and stretch it out until i feel its good. i do this so i can have a high or low final gear with any max speed i want.

    Ride height
    Ride height , I NEVER slam it, it may look cool but its not about looks its about performance Your front ride height should always be higher than the rear, and what ever ride height is lower is going to have more weight on it. So if your putting your ride height lower in the rear your weight will be mainly in the rear depending on your weight distribution. I run high ride height, honestly i like them to be somewhere in the 100's so my wheels don't bump off my bumper
    Compression is friction in your wheels kind of like spring rates, when they hit a bump it releases the amount of compression u chose release when you hit bumps higher compression will cause a vacuum effect like toque , so more compression more grip. i like high compression because its always good to have grip whenever your suspensions "friction" resets when u hit bumps or tap your breaks.

    Spring rates
    Spring rates are how fast your springs release the friction, your springs are releasing friction every time your wheels spin in circles that your torque creates. That's really it. I like low springs that's entirely my decision, and this also depends on how much the car weighs lighter cars usually wont need high spring rates because they just float, if u know what i mean

    Extension is how far your chassis moves up and down I would like to have my extension at 1 1 but for some reason that does not work. I found i usually put my extension 1 or 2 lower than my compression. I make them lower because in reality u want as least chassie movement as possible.

    There's a picture of camber at the bottom, This game only has negative camber, why? i don't know :( because gran turismo must hate drifters, although you could only use it for steering wheels. I don't use camber

    Toe angle

    The best explanation i have is toe angles outward cause you to loose grip, inward cause grip. I LOVE TOE <3 if you like to go on the outside of the apex you are going to want outward toe angle in the front, if u like to turn on the inside of the apex u want inward toe angle. I run inward and outward toe angle in the front, depends on how long your car is, and weight, more weight means u want more toe. I ALWAYS run inward toe in the rear because it gives me speed.

    Some people like to lock there diff, that means they put there drivetrain at 60 60 60, I start my tunes at 30 5 5 and just adjust them, Initial torque kind of explains its self, It how much torque is initially released from your rear wheels. because your drifting a FR right?


    First thing i do to a car is see if i can get 50 50, For example one of my favorites, the C7 Corvette, the ballast position is where your weight is going to be, the ballast weight is how much weight your adding. The reason i like the C7 is because u can get a PERFECT 50-50 distribution, what i do is find the 50-50 and adjust your position all the way to the back, that's where u want it. if your 50 50 does not change, good add more weight until you get it to 49:51 then go back until it says 50 50 again, Then on this particular car this happens, if your move your position far enough it will go back to 49:51, count how many numbers are in between 49:51 and 51:49 and divide that number by 2 and then move your position that many times. That is how you achieve perfect 50 50 but the way i flick my car makes it a little hard to keep on 1 line, so i add some to the back only about 3-5 notches.

    Well there u have it i did the best i could. thanks for reading

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