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  1. SUPRASTAR0003


    I just wanted to know of what you guys have thought about previous daily ("weekly") races, FIA Nations or Manufacturer races earlier in the year or last year that seemed to be boring or the worst.

    This can also include previous Live Events, or upcoming races that could be bad such as the upcoming race in R17 of Nations Cup, X2014 Junior around Blue Moon Bay Speedway OVAL where NO BRAKES are required at T1 (may end up with a penalty for hitting the wall) and where drivers may receive bumps from behind from other drivers slipstreaming resulting in LOSS OF 'DR' & 'SR'.

    I think the worst daily race for me, was F1500T-A one make at Brands Hatch weeks ago where I was an A+:S driver racing against lower rated drivers punting each other off. It was a completely different Daily Race C that I thought would be fun. The car was tricky anyway.

    Previous GR Supra races can also be included. The GR Supra cup is more of a fuel saving battle and I've said it before that the tag line should be "Who Can Save The Most Fuel?" instead of "Who is The Fastest?".
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  2. JoeDaSnow


    United States
    The entirety of 2019 Pre-Season of Manufacturer Series. I absolutely hate it. This made me lost interest in the Manufacturer Series. In fact, I'm through with it forever. I also refuse to enter anymore daily races because I'm not interested with them anymore. I also refuse to enter any GR Supra Cup races because I'm not even interested with that. Now I can focus solely on the Nations Cup.
  3. Pigems


    Why? You’re not leaving yourself very much to actually do.
  4. ShiftingGears


    The DB3S nations race. Prohibitively expensive for most to even enter, with the tyre choice being racing mediums (ie high grip slicks) for a car from the 1950s.

    Terrible implementation.
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  5. Nismonath5

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    New Zealand
    The recent Manufacturer race at the Nurburgring 24hr was pretty poorly thought out. In qualifying you had to do a whole out lap, by which time your tyres were cooked (toasty even if you'd looked after them), and complete a flying lap. All for a two lap race. You literally did as much mileage in qualifying as you did in the race itself.

    If PD were a bit more onto it, they would have started qualifying on the long straight, thus eliminating the need for an out lap at all. You'd still only get one chance at a lap, maybe you could retry once if you cocked up early on, but it would have still been better than it was.

    But that's just how I woulda done it. :sly:
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  6. MortosDer


    Anything not super formula.
    Seriously tho, I thought lago maggiore west with the tt one make from a few weeks back was horrible.
    But the absolute worst has to be the Fuji race c with a freaking supra.
  7. TheNorfolkDad

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    United Kingdom
    I don’t mind Fuji, but I am sick of it being Race C as a one make race with the GT86. One make races should be reserved for race A.

    I also hate any variation of Tokyo loops as daily races.
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  8. ARTAsean

    ARTAsean (Banned)

    Way back in early-mid 2018 we had Gr.B at BB Raceway, Sports tires. As you would imagine, it was complete calamity with people sliding all over the track, and T1 was a disaster. Amazingly I managed to win one and called it quits after that.

    This was the benefit of the old 24 hour cycle for Daily Races - PD would throw up a total curveball of a race once in awhile. Now that they’re weekly, the races seem to be very sanitary, ‘obvious’ choices.

    So while this was the worst Daily Race I ever partook in, it kind of makes me miss the old days of Sport Mode.
  9. TetsuKobura

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    For weeklies, anything Gr3 and most events on Lago Maggiore layouts that aren’t GP.

    For FIA, literally everything because the tire multiplier is a damn joke.
  10. SUPRASTAR0003


    Points for that race weren’t very high, even in top split.