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  1. fatfingers36


    ive never played a gt game before ive always been a die hard forza fanboy but WOW!!!! what ive been missing its a hundred times better than forza. all assists off manual gears, cockpit view is incredible you can actually tell the leather of the steering wheel from the plastic dash and the light and shadow effects are outstanding. with proffesional handling it actually feels like proper driving with body roll and the centre of gravity all over the place through heavy braking.
    the Ai could do with being a little more aggresive but hey still good enough.
    i think i may trade all my other games to buy a g27 wheel because i dont think i will play anythin else until gt6

    BRING ON GT5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. crazytortise


    You have been bitten by the GT bug ;)

    Glad you are enjoying the game and a wheel will, without a doubt, take the game to a whole new level.

    Aldo please take a second and go over the AUP. It states to use capital letters, punctuation and proper grammar and finally no chat text :tup:

    Happy driving :sly:
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    Glad to have you on the force. You'll be blown away with GT5 1000x greater.
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    Welcome aboard! Forza is a good game in it own right, but the perfectionist nature of GT's creators results in a driving sim built for the driving enthusiast. As for the G27, the price may deter some but it makes the experience much more better.
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    Glad you saw the light welcome.:tup:
  6. naish


    Had the same! Played GTL, rFactor and from the beginning raced iRacing (i am still a member). Sold my high end rig last year because I had no time to train.
    So, last month I bought a PS3 move for my kids and a second hand GT5P. Plugged in my old G25 and, WoW! The, so called, pc simrace scene don´t what real simracing is!
    I like the SIM very much. Perfect physics and graphics.
    No people who are ruining your race after 5 days of training.. I like racing with the AI and can play when I have time.
    I can say it is a big discover and when I wait a few weeks there is GT5!!