WRC 10 Wishlist

I’m guessing that as it’s a yearly title, the updates for WRC 9 will fizzle out soon to make way for WRC 10. What do you want to see in the next game? What changes do you think need to be made? I really think Kylotonn are onto a winner now, 9 is a brilliant game. With some tweaks and new features, it could even unseat the Dirt Rally series.

Here are my suggestions. Note that there are no car lists or location lists, as most of that is pretty locked in to the real life series. Bonus and Legend cars are always welcome though...

  • A stage creator using the practice area. Even if these routes were created by the developers and released monthly to players it would be great, but even better if we could create and share our own. The stages from the ‘Challenges’ mode are really fun, more of these with pace notes and as part of an event, would be great. Along with a redesigned cross-platform Clubs, this would help to build a community in the game and increase its lifespan for players.
  • I’m conjunction with the above, a ‘recce mode’ using the teams’ actual recce cars (or even those amazing Volvos that Ford used to use...). Players could have the option to drive each stage in the recce car first, which would be of great use in the above stage creator mode, as well as the eSports events.
  • A more robust and cross-platform clubs system, easier to navigate, set up and search. The main complaints I’ve heard around this game is the online system and lack of players. It’s not user friendly or geared towards community events.
  • Brand new, easy to use UI. The current one has been recycled for too long and can be counter-intuitive on console.
  • Clarify the tuning settings. The sliders in the tuning menu and the accompanying explanations often contradict each other and don’t make sense.
  • Review the gear ratios, especially for the R5 cars, as anything other than the ‘0’ setting is borderline unusable.
  • Enable custom championships and one-off events in single player
  • Enable single rally events in single player
  • Enable ‘bonus’ and ‘legend’ cars to be used in all modes. They’re a lot of fun, and it’s frustrating to only be able to use them in ‘quick play’ or occasionally in Clubs.
  • Damage and tyre wear needs to be carried from stage to stage in multiplayer, with service stops at intervals, with players having to stick with the same car for every stage of an event.
  • Option to specify exactly which cars can be used on a custom or online event
  • Multi-class custom or online events
  • An improved driver animation for cockpit view, that turns beyond 90 degrees!
  • Separate leaderboards for different classes and cars
  • Don’t begin the countdown at the start of a stage until the handbrake is applied!


Aaand across the line..
Wymondham, Norfolk
Honestly, all it needs for me is a slightly tighter control feel (still feels a bit loose and there's limited tweaking available) improved collision physics and detection to stop the stupid, unrealistic crashes that still happen and some sort of custom championship mode that still seems to elude most racing games.
Milan, Italy
Sure it will be a wrc9 update with nothing new.
They have to create too many new rallies given the calendar and update the graphics for ps5. The rest will go untouched like wrc9 with 8.
United Kingdom
Sure it will be a wrc9 update with nothing new.
They have to create too many new rallies given the calendar and update the graphics for ps5. The rest will go untouched like wrc9 with 8.

I think they are well on the back foot because of this. It will be interesting to see what sort of quality they manage to produce for these new rounds.