X2010 with the DFGT shakes too much

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by driftin, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. driftin


    When I'm turning it seems okay, the Force Feedback seems normal but get into a straight line and go fast the whole thing wants to rip out of my hands, even with the Force Feedback turned down to 1. What gives? Even the Formula GT isn't like that. In a straight line it's better to use a control pad...
  2. dabest2500


    The steering wheel always shakes when a car is going fast in a straight line, especially on places like Le Mans.
    I coped fine with it, on Default.
  3. veyron1001


    Exercise and you wont have this problem.
  4. The g25 does this as well. I had to turn the ff down from 8 to 5 on suzuka as i was struggling to turn the wheel on some of the sharp sections as fast as the car could respond to.

    Another thing that you can do is always steer ever so slightly in one direction instead of trying to hold it completely straight. Other than that you could just try to get used to it, its still drivable. Its certainly no worse than the F1 ferrari was in prologue
  5. Over 250mph + Very little suspension travel + Every bump and ripple on the track = Why.

    Think about it :)
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  6. Rylan


    The general rule when it comes to cars is that at about 150mph everything changes. It's more like flying than driving and, get it wrong, and you very easily can be.
  7. Silver-Sylph

    United States Ohio

    The logitechs have a deadzone issue. That's what makes it go back and forth so fast.
  8. AussieStig117


    Exactly what I've been thinking.

    The logitechs don't have a dead zone issue though, the issue is that you can't adjust the deadzone and saturation. I couldn't believe it when i realized this game had no option to adjust the saturation, i wouldn't have cared if PD got it right but the fact that I'm turning twice as much as the steering wheel in the game is really annoying. Full lock with an F1 isn't realistic
  9. Uxi


    Seems ok to me... I mean it was manageable for 460kmh on Like the Wind Indy. :crazy:
  10. johnnymopar


    Set your force feedback to the lowest setting. ( 1) and It will be just fine.:gtpflag:
  11. TheLoveNinja

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    Have you got aids enabled, such as skid recovery, etc.? I noticed with some aids switched on it does what you said, and vibrates way beyond what it should, and doesn't turn. just generally behaves odd.
    Try it with just TCS and ABS, solved the issue for me. I left FFB at 8
  12. Gaiajohan


    Not the DFGT.
    Only the G25 and G27 have the issue, because they have two engines. One for forces to the left and one for forces to the right. That gives the deadzone issue. Also the reason why the DFGT and other wheels don't have that specific problem..
  13. swiftwilly


    I took the power supply cord out :)
  14. Nuck81


    X2010 is stupid. Especially now that there is no notoriety in having one.

    All the dupers have made it useless and pointless. Before it meant something to have beaten the challenge and earned yourself an X1. Now all the stupid ass kids and their "duping" have made the whole thing just rubbish...
  15. GTP_ClockWork


    uMad bro?

    I deal with it. You are rarely on a straight for that long anyway.
  16. JDFSSS


    This problem is nothing new and has been around for a long time. It is really obnoxious and should be fixed.
  17. Kreepnslayer


    It happens on more than just that car.
    Heck, let go of the wheel in most any car while it's sitting still on the starting grid and the wheel will oscillate wildly back and forth. It's something wonky in the game. Noticed it on GT5P and it was part of the reason I quickly got rid of that game.
    Adjusting the settings on my Turbo S seems to help some, but it's still there. Very irritating.
    At a fast speed in a real vehicle, I'll agree that the wheel can be a bit twitchy, especially on rough roads. But my old isuzu trooper doesnt shake that badly up in the mountains on washboard roads.
  18. Sincx


    Can be annoying yes.

    On my Fanatec wheel this is solved by adding a small amount of Deadzone so you don't experience it at all.
  19. magburner

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    I've been having the same problems as the OP, and I'm using a DFP. The X2010 causes my wheel to vibrate so badly, that it feels like the car is flying over a run-off area! :tup:
  20. STICH666


    Actually only the DFGT and the G25 have this problem with a 10 degree force feedback deadzone. The G27 has 2 motors as well but they both work in the same direction. Also the helical gears make a huge difference.
  21. slicecom

    Canada Toronto, Canada

    You guys must have weak arms. I've always used max FFB on both my DFP and now my DFGT without issue. I did have to use my racing gloves when going for golds in the X1 as it hurt my hands, but no biggie. Real wheels shake a lot more than that.