XBOne Xbox All Access is live in the UK.

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  1. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy

    Full details here

    As a quick rundown you get a Xbox 1X + game pass ultimate on a 24 month contract for £25 per month.

    Also if you sign up before the end of December 2019 you get a free upgrade to the Scarlet when it's launched.

    So that's £300 for a Xbox 1X + ultimate for year 1 then another £300 for a Scarlet + ultimate for year 2.

    I presume you have to send the 1X back before receiving the Scarlet, but at least you get to keep it once the 24 months contract is finished.

    Which ever way you look at it this is a pretty good deal, considering the price of a console & ultimate on it's own & how much some people pay for the latest phone deals year in year out.

    Unfortunately for me I got my 1X last year for £350 & got the 3 years ultimate deal for £105, so although I still got a good deal at £455 I've still got to buy a Scarlet when it's released.
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    It's an interesting idea. But I wouldn't want to own any consoles on tick.
    I would rather save the cash and own it outright.
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    Mr Grumpy

    I'm the same, phone/car/car tax/car insurance/console all bought up front, but considering some people actually prefer it this way (£30000 cars/tax & insurance/£1000 phones) all payed for monthly at an increased rate.

    Obviously there's some things you have to pay for monthly, bills/broadband & tv provider/mortgage, etc.
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