Xbox and Porsche Team Up for Special Edition 75th Anniversary Series X Consoles

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That's really cool Microsoft I hope you do this one too:

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I'll keep entering this for as long as I can remember to do it. Hard to say which is best since a lot of them are obscured, but I'd quite like the Hippie or the Mobil 1 swirl designs since I'm rather partial to those.
I grabbed my phone as soon as it was announced.... and then the disappointment of it being Sweepstakes only set in :boggled:
I would definitely have bought one of these to replace my existing Series X if they were put on sale, but I guess I'll just have to keep entering the competition. I really like the one they showed in full but the "pink pig" one has me most intrigued.
Entering for the hell of it. Odds of are winning are probably as low as winning a PS5 at this point but maybe if I add both together, I'll surely win at least one of these :lol: