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It seems Microsoft's are getting the Series X console out early to 'influencers' way before the release of the console. Many seem blown away by the quick resume feature from the few I have seen so far. I think there are some things they are not able to say too, so no doubt information can be dripped out over the next month or so.

I think Microsoft's marketing has always been the first to make proactive moves with the release of information about their console(s) this generation. I thought the revealing of the innards, which looked quite impressive, design wise, quite along time ago, may have pushed Sony to reveal more about their console, if only to show the outside of the console at that point, but Sony held their nerve with that for quite awhile afterwards. And we have still not seen anything of the inside of the PS5 up to now.

So far I think Microsoft and Sony have been following different routes with their marketing and information releases, but atm I think Microsoft are stealing a bit of a march on Sony by giving consoles out for 'people' to use, and showing people actually using them. I wonder whether Sony will react with anything similar before their release.

This thread was not to say one or the other is best, or doing things wrong or right, just admiring this move by Microsoft this far out from release. It seems a confident move.


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I literally just posted this in the PS5 thread,

Anyone find it odd that we haven't (as far as I know) seen a PS5 in the wild yet? Not in the hands of youtubers, reviewers, anyone... well apart from apparently Travis Scott who is clearly taking nonsense :lol:

This thing is arriving very soon, either Sony is super confident or suspiciously reluctant to do the usual marketing circuit. There are Series X's all over the place! It would be good to get many PS5 questions cleared up with some hand's on analysis.

I agree, it's interesting how MS and Sony have seemed to take completely different routes in the marketing of their consoles. The Series X had huge amounts of information revealed about it through the months before we even got a release date, we saw what the console looked like inside and out and got pretty much everything we needed to know. Then the console was given out quickly and widely to youtubers, influencers to get the word out and go through it with a fine tooth comb. It's all been as you said very proactive.

By contrast Sony seems to have kept everything close to their chest all along the way. I'm not sure why this is, maybe its a good way of generating hype or maybe the PS5 sells itself. Either way pre-order demand has been huge for both.