xploder 9000 doesnt work!!!

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by terminator04, Jun 20, 2004.

  1. terminator04

    terminator04 (Banned)

    im trying to hybrid using my ps2 and i have the pal version of gt2
    i know my codes are correct because they worked in my gs pro on my ps2
    so im trying to use xploder cd in a ps2 and it just doesnt work
    if i try body codes they just say no name no name and dont change the body
    if i put a turbo on etc it just lowers the power to like 100bhp with soem crap engine
    heres the codes im using

    801cd588 120e
    801cd58a 4798

    thats the body code for a zturbo '98
    but it just says no name no name and doesnt change the body

    is the xploder cd9000 not compatiable or what?

    please help cheers