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Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by anthonysinatra, Oct 30, 2003.

  1. anthonysinatra


    we'll if you have tried ordering a xport from any online store, they are all pretty much gone, i first ordered mine from codejunkies, it took 1 week to tell me its going to take another 2 weeks, even up to three. secondly i ordered it from walmart.com, but they also do not have any, your order will be cancelled without you knowing unless you call them they will say "the manufacture is not suppling us with any, and the product may get removed off the website" well i was sad, until i read that a company called intec merged with datel, but originally intec made the xport, so i recently ordered this from a cert. yahoo store, and will update you with any information, they have 38 in stock (or so they say), hopefully this will work, sorry im venting :banghead:
  2. GT-40/787b


    Manny will be pissed, i found one of two in the overstock area for 29.99!!!
    sorry guys...
  3. Monouk


    Well, if youd rather, I got a SharkPort, new in box, off ebay for about $15....good deal. I also got a brand spankin new gameshark for $15 off ebay. Who wants to pay full retail? Not me...