Xport is really a 'MaxDrive' ?!

Discussion in 'Hybriding' started by RedOak, May 6, 2004.

  1. RedOak


    Hi guys,

    I've search this section of the forums to better understand what is an Xport. And also to answer the question regarding the fact that, newer models of PS2 are not compatible with the Xport.

    On that road, i found informations about the MAxDrive, and came up with this question: Is the Xport really a 'MaxDrive' ?

    On websites selling the MaxDrive, they seem to give the exact same definition bettern the Xport and MAxDrive. So i'm kind of confused over this.

    Also, if someone could confirm the compatibility between Xport and latest PS2 series, that would be great also.
  2. GT-40/787b


    In a sense the X-port / Shark Port is the same basic thing. All they did with the "Max Drive" is instead of having two cables and a converter they download the game saves onto a usb memory stick. I have not compared prices and seen if you can do this with a regular usb memory stick, but for people that have the usb ports on the back of the computer (yes i am one of those victims) its easier with the X-Port/ Shark Port because you can leave it continously plugged in.
  3. Mr Chaos

    Mr Chaos

    Didn't I just see you posting this same question over at GameFaqs? The latest version of the Xport is compatible with the 50k series PS2s.