You know how there's that F1 game that uses blockchain? I had an idea.

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    I think they called them non-fungible tokens, or something - GTP had an article on this game earlier this summer. I'm honestly not a fan of bitcoin or whatever, but the idea got me thinking. What if this mechanic could be used in a racing game that could accurately replicate the rarity of certain cars? It could add a ton of verisimilitude for some people, especially if an auction house was added. OToH, I'd be worried about how much red tape would need to be taken care of to mitigate aspiring money-launders, as I recall that a sizable amount of money laundering is done with stuff like this, and likely with cryptocurrency itself. But imagine if, within an in-game world, there really were only 64 McLaren F1s, or five Pagani Zonda Cinques, or just one Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo LM.

    I totally agree that most racing games benefit from discarding this element of reality, alongside stuff like real-world reliability issues with some models & automakers. But I suppose it's just an idea I had if a hypothetical racing game was somehow obligated to integrate blockchain into its design.

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    You can do all of that with a lot less effort with a regular database, especially because any online racing game will already have one in place.
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