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    This is a thread for GTP'ers to share their ideas for new course maker themes. Feel free to go into detail; descriptions of the pit area, kerbs, walls & railings, etc. are welcome.

    However, please keep these ideas within realistic boundaries; anything that would require fundamentally changing the mechanics of the course editor is simply not feasible to implement and is essentially just a wish for a full-blown track editor--which is something we all want, I am sure, but this is a thread about course maker themes, not how much we want a course editor.

    I'll begin with my own idea:

    Ristijärvi (Tarmac)
    A flat, snowy wilderness located in the heavily-forested Kainuu region of Finland. The road here is very cold, cracked, and hard, giving it less traction than other locales. There are no kerbs here, but the course is still forgiving to those who slip off the course; the densely-packed snow works just as well as sand at slowing down cars. No further than 3 meters away from each side of the road is a thick wall of snow-covered trees, but often the trees come as close as half a meter. Stacks of hay bales provide protective barriers on the inside and outside edges of some corners, and spectators sometimes watch from behind these barriers. The pit is nothing more than a widened portion of the road separated from the main straight by a long chain of hay bales. White vans belonging to the racing teams sit in a clearing beside the pit lane. Small but well-furnished log cabins for the drivers and crew chiefs stand close-by. There is very little variation in elevation; no greater than 30.0m between any two points on the map, but visibility around corners is still greatly hindered by the dense forest. On one edge of the map, the trees thin out and reveal a frozen lake, with a great ice field on the other side. Signs are posted along the shore, warning civilians not to step or drive onto the ice.
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    Busy with people and shops either side of the track