Your "creation style"?

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  1. Machate-man


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    What is the way you like to make tracks?

    Long, straight, and flowing?
    Nurburgring-replica type?
    "Flying X1" maps(Mt. Aso)?

    Please tell me.

    I enjoy making tracks that are as complex as possible, as shown by this:

  2. IceMan PJN

    IceMan PJN

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    I like variety, for one thing. It's easy to get caught up with numbers like having really long tracks with eighty corners, but long tracks that are just a slow-speed series of nothing but tight corners is boring and makes for tedious racing. The flow is important, so it needs some variety of high-speed straights (don't have to be perfectly straight, but moderate enough for high speeds), fast corners, medium corners, and slow corners. Multiple-apex turns, especially ones that either wind in or out (starting fast and then slowing or vice versa) are nice. Throwing in a tight corner after a high-speed straight can be interesting, especially for passing as well as forcing braking efficiency to count for something.

    It's hard to tell by a flat map, but this looks like a good example of a bad example:
    It looks like it's a start/finish straight and then otherwise just a whole bunch of turns. It could be nice when actually running around it, but the point is that a heap of corners with a start/finish straight plugged into the middle generally isn't a great track.

    Now, this one also has a series of corners, but additionally works in a decent amount of straights and high-speed turns, as well as a very hard turn that comes at the end of a straight so it looks to be a hard braking zone.

    Here's a few that look more like what I have in mind:
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  3. Muppetmad


    I honestly personally don't care much for many straights, but I do like high speed corners. On my courses, that's what you'll mostly find - high speed sectors, not just straights. I like my courses to have an element of flow, which I guess I can only achieve by trial and error on the track editor!

    For karts though, I am all about technicality. Kart courses are so short, and karts are so slow, that wasting any sector on just a straight makes courses too short from my experience. Besides, I love the challenge of a technical kart course.
  4. keldabest13


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    I like tracks with long straights and a big jump! :D
  5. Smuttysy


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    I try to go for an "ease into it gently" approach. Nice and easy first couple of sectors, followed by a complex string of slightly banked corners and S-bends with a medium difficulty ending.
    Badlands Pass is probably my favourite one so far, as it's got some great straights, and the corner complex in the middle is not hugely difficult but will catch you out if you're not absolutely accurate with the corners. (Thanks for the love Iceman)
    The last corner is a tough one, as it comes after a straight on a hill, which completely unweights the car during the braking phase.
    Here's a vid of it in action

    Another one which uses the same principle is "The Rampant Rabbit", so called for reasons which will become evident.
    The first couple of sectors, (from the corner after the bunny's back) are all flat out, mild gradient hills, which then turn into a section of higher gradient banked corners. This one also has some nasty bumps to throw you into the barriers if you get the lines wrong.
  6. YellowG1


    I aim to make tracks that are very realistic--something that could be built somewhere in real life. Some things I try to do:
    • keep the track to 20 turns or so
    • minimize or eliminate tire-burning understeer corners that go on forever
    • minimize the blind, off-camber, hill-cresting turns that course maker likes to try and throw in
    • work only in the Eifel circuit theme
    • try to keep section complexity to 8 or below-otherwise you just get too many turns right after the other
    • have at least one corner conducive to passing under heavy braking
    • try to have one 'defining' section-one of my tracks has a section very similar to Eau Rouge, another with a very tricky turn similar to Dunlop at Suzuka
  7. gnomefromnome


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    I have 4 high speed tracks with long sweeping turns.

    gnomescape (Eifel Curcit) - has a nice lip at the highest point, get somewhat decent air with a fast car
    3.77 miles
    straight length 0.51 miles
    Elevation Change 356.3 ft
    Turns 8

    Teardrop (Toscana) - tricky uphill/downhill braking right before the sharp turn
    4.40 miles
    straight length 0.53 miles
    Elevation change 154.7 ft
    Turns 11

    gnomescana 1 (Toscana) - almost wide open all the way
    4.43 miles
    straight length 0.56 miles
    Elevation change 162.0 ft
    Turns 12

    gnomescana (Toscana) -Currently online, nice rolling hills
    4.23 miles
    straight length 0.50 miles
    Elevation change 164.5 ft
    10 turns


    Uploaded with
  8. Furi

    Furi Premium

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    I am working on a retro-style road racing track in Targa Florio / Mille Miglia style in Toscana. Also I have a terrifying night oval, built to be like the old Pescara GP Track.
  9. TheLoveNinja


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    When generating a track I try to base it more on the time it takes to do a lap in a 500-600pp car with between a 1:00 and 1:30 lap time. I find shorter tracks better as you can get to backmarkers. something that keeps it interesting, especially when doing one-make races that are limited to 8 cars :tdown:
    I use Eifel Circuit or Toscana Tarmac as I want pit stops/damage repair for endurance races.
  10. Jahgee

    Jahgee (Banned)

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    Long with many turns but very wide so pass opportunities are aplenty.
  11. nitrorocks


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    I need help
  12. ProjectVRD


    I like my tracks having a fast, wide profile in the first few sectors, a slow, narrow sector or two in the middle and then finishing off wide but technically challenging later sectors. The middle seems to bunch up the players nicely leaving a frantic race to the finish lines.
  13. Crumpet

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    I love a lot of elevation change.
  14. jus1029

    jus1029 Premium

    My style would be like a professional engineer, no X1-goes-crazy-and-flies-off like a G6 jumps yet very exciting like the Nurburgring.
  15. Smilenator


    I like to build small and technical tracks.
    I find that you can plan what you want, you just have to try some stuff and see what comes out. If it looks good then try and refine it, if not then just hit next track.
  16. PAWEL17

    PAWEL17 Premium

    This thread should really be about how you actually create the tracks, corner sharpness, banks, complexity, etc.
    There should be a guide on how to create a good racetrack.
  17. Gazumagi


    I really like tracks that have a nice little warmup section before getting into the hard stuff. Toscana is really good for this kind of stuff, and i have a really nice track that works great for gt500 up to LMP cars with a lot of high speed turns in the beginning before getting into a meaty section, and then easing out into a set of long straights with tight turns on the end.

    Great fun when you can get a competitive field :D