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So now that the game has been out for well over a half year now I've found myself with a personal setup that I keep going back to practically on a day to day basis.. Again, it's just my personal favorite setup (not just for coin but for driving in general), & out of curiosity i'm just wondering if any of you other guys have that "go to" that you just can't & won't shake.. So, on that note, here's mine..

Car: RUF 07' CTR3

Track: Trial Mountain

Grind: Hyper Car Parade @ Trial Mountain

While it might not net me the most coin, the laps go by fast (sub 2 per) & Trial Mountain (IMO) is just a sweet track to run, call it old school, but i'd have it with a close tie vs. Deep Forest.. & as far as the RUF goes, oh man, German Engineering tweaked to damn near perfection.. Welp, that does it, time to race.. LoL!

So what's your "go to" ????

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If we're talking races outside the grinding ones, I like the Gr.4 cup at Brands Hatch and the 5 lap Gr.3 events at Maggiore and Suzuka. Genuinely fun, quite short, and not awful payouts all things considered, compared to doing the equivalent custom race or online race anyway.
The 10-lap chili race at Daytona is always a lot of fun to tackle, considering the AI in that event is actually competent. Plus it has that "epic guitar riff" jingle.

The Hypercar Parade at Le Mans is also pretty fun, especially factoring in all the creative ways you can cut the course and not get punished for it. I won it in a Toyota Crown recently!
For me:

Car: Lexus RC F GT500
Track: Spa
Grind: WTC800 Spa 1hr

Otherwise I really enjoy Hyper Car Parade at Kyoto in either the Aston Martin Vulcan or the RUF CTR3 or Schwarzwald League at Nordschleife in Praiano's tune Porsche Cayman GT4
Favorite for me is the clubman plus cup at Tsukuba with an H-pattern. Still haven’t beat that race yet. Other favorites are the Daytona 800pp , and the spa 1 hour. Favorite tracks to test/hotlap on are NBGP/24 and Interlagos. DT gardens might be the most underrated track in the game IMHO.

Never been much of a grinder, so I can’t comment on those.
Spa WTC800 1h: Lexus RCF Gt500 or '16 Nismo GT-R Gt500. Back in the day I used the 962c, CLK and F1 Longtail as well.
Le Mans 700 30 mins: Alpine A220 or Mazda RX7 FD3S with the 787B engine (I used the Praiano tune but slightly changed to fit my driving style)
Classic 1 lap race at the Nordschleife: not a proper grind race but a lot of fun with the Group A settings made by someone from this forum (can't remember who, but search 'AE86 trd group a evo' in the tunes subforum) I used both a supercharged Levin and a turbo Sprinter Trueno (the original tune I supercharged) that I made with the same performance (the Trueno shared the gearbox and diff values from the Levin)
WTC700 LeMans:
S15 Gr4 if I want to try and do a 0 stopper(weather dependent), it is a safe win even if you do stop
A220 If it want a bit more of a challenge as the car will chew tires faster and burn through fuel faster.

WTC800 Spa:
I will use the GT-R GT500 '08
I have 3 tunes for this car, designed to use fuel map6
A 520hp with medium tires, slow on straights, quick around bends.
This tune can do the 1hr with 0 refueling, but will require some lift and coast driving.
Since this tune is slow on the straights, you need to utilize the cars downforce to keep up speed on bends like Raidillon and Bblanchimont, do not lift unless its wet.
Pouhon requires a slight lift.

A tune based off above but with 630hp and hard tires.
Not tested this tune.

An old tune for 0 stopping(now defunct)
This tune was capable of going to the end with 0 pitstops, this tune is now no longer functional due to the updates to the tires.
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I’m mostly online but for offline and to make some money outside of the Time Trials I do Hypercar Parade at Le Mans every once in a while. Sometimes once or twice a day, sometimes some breaks in between. Three laps, no tyre wear or fuel usage at all and takes about 11 minutes, car dependent. 172,500 with the CRB and 115,000 if you make mistakes and lose it. Quite a lot of fairly fun and quick road cars to use in this race.

Far from the best money maker but I got most cars I want/need and will eventually get the rest with this and Time Trials as well as online (even if the latter unfortunately currently gives you extremely little). You have to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing as well.

I do wish there was a decent Gr.3, Gr.2 or Gr.1 race without excessive tyre wear though. I don’t mind having it on but 8x, 10x, 12x and the like we see is really bad. Way too high. 1/2/3 is fine. You can’t simulate an endurance race with these multipliers, that’s not the way to do it. You have to make the races longer and heavily decrease the multipliers.
My go-to when I'm not running a grind race for coin (ie. Sardegna WTC800 or Tokyo WTC600), I run one of my 600PP cars in the WTC600 Championship (the three-race series). I often revert back to the Genesis G70, as it's an absolute beast in the wet at the Red Bull Ring, keeps up with a bit of bullish behaviour at Suzuka, and devours the CoD at Dragon Trails Seaside! I've given it an obnoxious drift-inspired livery which makes it stand out like a sore thumb as it's ripping through the field. It's not the biggest money earner, but it's a great combination of events in which a huge number of cars can be competitive and if you run all three races clean and win all three you can net 340k for about 20 minutes racing.

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