Car scan at L.M. Gianetti

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by KKHN, Mar 11, 2013.

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  1. KKHN

    Italy Ascoli Piceno

  2. Rossell2


    Well whatever platform, P4/5 ? O_O
  3. symustafa1996

    Malaysia Europe

    Interesting......some new premium cars?
  4. KKHN

    Italy Ascoli Piceno

    Well, a double good news!
  5. Ridox2JZGTE

    Under your skin

  6. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    Nice but worrying that none of the cars are even outside in any picture let alone in motion. I seriously hope when they replace standards with premiums they don't just upgrade the model and leave the rest as is.
  7. e30 freek

    United Kingdom U.K

    This is great was hoping to see a e30 in the album but oh well
  8. snowgt

    Austria Austria

    That is not a confirmation of anything. It basically just confirms that PD was scanning some cars for whatever iteration of the GT-series.

    It is true that, if this occurred just recently, it might be too late for a GT6-on-PS3, and therefore the scan was probably done for GTx-on-PS4.

    But was there anyone doubting that some iteration of GT would come out on PS4? The only open questions, which are not answered by these photos, are, if there will be a GT6 on PS3, or not.
  9. AleksandarSRB

    Serbia Belgrade

    I pray all time to have premium Alfa 155 in GT6! :)
  10. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    I've always love those two cars, Alfa and Lancia. :D Can't wait to see them premium. :tup:

    *Dances in happiness*
  11. paskowitz

    United States New York

    Personally, I would like an actual quote from the person stating something to the effect of "People from Polyphony Digital came to our garage and said they were taking pictures for Gran Turismo 6 on the Playstation 4", with "Playstation 4" explicitly stated, before I take this as a confirmation.

    In other words, something like the Bathurst incident.
  12. Crispy

    United States Allen, Texas

    What I'm wondering is why aren't they laser scanning? That would offer up much more detail, and save a whole lot of time.

    Glad to see these cars will most likely be high level detailed cars in next installments of the game. Excited to see a premium Delta Rally car! :tup:
  13. CJSpencer77

    England London, UK

    Toattaly agree, if GT6 is coming to the PS3 then it must nearly be ready as they will surely want it released before the PS4 drops, which means they may be scaning for a GT7 tittle on PS4, or maybe no GT6 on PS3 at all and they are just scanning for a PS4 tittle, either way its not confirmation of anything yet.
  14. Samus

    United Kingdom UK

    I can't help but worry every time I see photos of PD at work and they seem to be working in 1998 still. The pictures of them on Bathurst, the pictures of them recording audio of Hyundai's and now this. It doesn't fill me with confidence.
  15. paskowitz

    United States New York

    It has been stated that they scan as many models as they can IN ADDITION to taking pictures. There are certain models they cannot scan. The majority of car models are scanned though. Look back to the article about the SEMA Corvette.
  16. J-KiLLA24

    Canada Montreal

    Although this could be good news, it doesn't answer the question as to which GT is going to be on the PS4.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2013
  17. daan

    Scotland Scotland

    There is no confirmation of anything. Thread title changed.
  18. CorvetteConquer

    United States Under your bed.
    PSN:Ask me, man.

    There will be a GT on the PS4. That's the only thing I can gather from all of this. Nothing surprising there! But a good find, nonetheless.
  19. Rossell2


    Maybe its a case of "Since it's there, let's get it done" mentality. Thats what I'd be doing.
  20. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    Ummm, huh? :confused: IMO still not very confirmed whether GT6 is on PS3/4 though, despite from all of this. But yeah, we'll see.
  21. CorvetteConquer

    United States Under your bed.
    PSN:Ask me, man.

    That's basically what I'm saying...The album likely suggests a GT title on PS4 (which isn't a huge surprise, though.) Whether it's GT6 or GT7, who knows!....that's difficult to know. But the next gen is almost here and I imagine work on a PS4 GT has been in development for a little while.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2013
  22. If they are working like people in 1998 now, then I wonder what they will be able to do if they catched up considering this is what they were doing back in 2007 and they most likey progressed since then :boggled:: Link
  23. TokoTurismo

    Canada Canada

    Indeed. Kaz did say we won't have to wait a long time for GT6 like G.T.5. and it was in the works for 2 and a half years now. I keep thinking it could be GT6/7 for PS4. Who knows, we just gotta wait and see I guess. :)
  24. the_racer100

    Portugal Portugal
    PSN:the_racer100 (No PS3, only PSP)

    Well, the title says "SCANSIONE PER GRAN TURISMO PS4", and I think, for some logical reason produced in my mind, that PD wouldn't be making 2 games at the same time. However, and that's common in games like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA, or WRC, they can be making GT6 for the PS3 and the PS4.

    Can anyone help me with this:


    What car is that?
  25. Downhill Dino

    United States Maryland

  26. KKHN

    Italy Ascoli Piceno

    I apologize for the title.
  27. the_racer100

    Portugal Portugal
    PSN:the_racer100 (No PS3, only PSP)

    Thanks. I went straight for the forums, so, I missed the news page.

    EDIT: The front logo in the P45 sure looks familiar, no?

  28. KKHN

    Italy Ascoli Piceno

    Officially the P4/5 is not a Ferrari.

    The Ferrari did not give the license for the car (unlike the Enzo-based road version), probably the P4/5 will stay under the brand "Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus".
  29. emula

    Italy Italy

    they use laser scanner

  30. A long time i thought they release GT6 for PS4, but after the interview i changed my opinion.
    They can work on GT6 and GT7 on different console, because the premium cars are future proof. I think PD develop a new GT engine for the PS4, because they want to push the PS4 to the limit and don't just optimise the GT5 engine.

    The car team can take photos from new cars and scan the cars for GT on PS3 and GT PS4. I think the car team don't work only for GT6.

    A GT6 on both console wouldn't make sense if they release GT in 2013, because Driveclub wouldn't get enough auttention. Just my 2 cents.

    sry for my poor english :(
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