Not well known artists that you love

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  1. Negrumir


    Dude, awesome. Never heard of them before, definitely a style that I like.

    Also, at the thread in general, here's some reasons why Gramatik is excellent and everyone should listen to him at least once.

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  2. Prince.M5

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    Anybody here knows Saybia? Well, I don't think so. First time listened to their song 2 years ago and immediately fall in love with thier creations. One example:

  3. funkyDucks

    Ireland Ireland

    I believe The Kanyu Tree and Royseven are pretty unknown outside of Ireland.
    Although to my friends almost all of my music would be new to them.
  4. Guitar613

    United States Pennsylvania

    Most of the punk, hardcore punk, Melodic hardcore etc, i listen to isnt very well known.
    F*cked Up

    Kid Dynamite


    Paint it Black

    None More Black

    Wisdom in Chains
  5. alpacaflip

    United States NJ

    Man or Astro-man? They are in my top 5 favorite bands/artist. Most of there stuff is instrumental.

    Servotron. They are pretty cool.
  6. mySLKwilleatyou

    United States METALLAND!!!!!

    Diamond Head-
    Sure, they gained a decent amount of popularity for being the original writers of "Am I Evil?" (Which Metallica covered), but they still deserve to be alot more popular than they are now, since they have many other AMAZING songs which are, unfortunately, very unpopular :indiff:, like these:

    and many, many more...
  7. Gil

    Edge of Nowhere, KS

    Best Guitar player that no one has heard of: Monte Montgomery. Dude is SRV with an acoustic guitar.
    Also consider Doyle Dykes.
  8. Cap'n Jack

    Australia South of the South

    I've been meaning to get into them for a while. What I've heard of theirs is pretty great and their live performances are just awesome!
  9. mamrhein

    United States Pittsburgh

    Mac Miller
  10. Starfirebird

    United States Tennessee,USA

    Shadows Fall and Trivium.

    When i talk about them no one knows who it is,well no one around here anyways.
  11. loftylyons46


    The outlaws
  12. lbsf1

    United Kingdom England
    PSN:lbsf1 GTP_lbsf1

    This band is probably wellish known here due to its apperance as the theme for GT3. However I just love Feeder, they are amazing. Here is my favourite song by them.

  13. Finduszip

    Norway Ålesund Kommune

  14. JohneyPixel

    Slovakia Babylon


  15. jcm

    Canada Vancouver

    I love Iced Earth! I first heard them while playing Brütal Legend and had to buy a CD. I bought their first album (self-titled) Iced Earth. The song When the Night Falls is arguably the greatest song ever!

    Iced Earth - When the Night Falls
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  16. jagdrag77

    Australia Australia

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  17. Bopop4

    Canada Guelph, Ontario

  18. Digmac

    United States Earth

    I love anything the comes out on circus records.
  19. BubbleBelly542

    United States Southeast MI

    A band called Cartel. I suppose they are fairly known, but not quite on the levels of Green Day perhaps. Certainly not known compared to how well known most crap today is.
  20. TopGearFTW

    England Leeds, W. Yorks

    Brocas Helm: (Slight fame from Brutal Legend, but still)

    Band of Skulls: (Again, getting slight fame recently)

    Sohodolls: (A.K.A "That song from the TDU2 car wash")

    Xandria: (Really obsessing over these at the moment for some reason, probably the worst album cover ever though >_>)

    PAIN: (Might be kinda well known. No idea really)

    Just a couple there.

    EDIT: Oh, and Two Steps From Hell. I won't put another video up here though, but seriously, check them out. Used all the time in film trailers, especially fantasy dragon-slaying adventure ones. Really brilliant.
  21. Solid Lifters

    United States Inland Empire SoCal

    I love this band. 9 Volt is one of most favorite songs of all time. When I hear it, I just have to listen to it. Great song. Great band. :tup:
  22. roamer2629

    Argentina buenos aires

    Morphine, too bad Mark Sandman left us way too early...
  23. Antonisbob

    Canada Kelowna, Canada

    Like so many other NWOBHM bands, Tank, Blitzkrieg, Angel Witch ect. Shame.
  24. KookiDowg

    United States CA

    Atmosphere, Nujabes and CHON

    Atmosphere and Nujabes in my opinion is such a great rap group, they dont really get the attention that they deserve.

    CHON is a local band from my city and they make great instrumentals. Consisting of stuff from hardcore, and melodic hardcore. Just wish they would stop with their side-project or other band, "To Each His Own". Its like another generic deathcore band. :crazy::crazy:
  25. Mac K

    Canada Ontario,Canada

    Gangsta Grass, Tone-Z.
  26. Cap'n Jack

    Australia South of the South

    David Dondero - he's a very talented singer/songwriter from Minnesota. He started off playing in a few punk bands in the early '90s, then in 1998 he began to focus on his own solo material. Some consider Dondero to be one of the greatest songwriters alive today, but despite that he's severely under-appreciated. His most recent release was last years, "A Pre-Existing Condition", which is up there with my favourite releases of the year.

    Ashes on the Highway

    South of the South

    Pornographic Love Song

    Less Than the Air

  27. Roger the Horse

    United Kingdom A damp rock full of miserable bigots


    The best band of all freaking time! (IMHO)

    They do everything from pop:


    Prog Rock:

    Heavy Metal:

    Sheer perfection:


    To stuff you can't even put a tag on:

    (Profanity warning, for those sensitive enough to care about lyrics)

    (Profanity warning, for those who listen for people complaining about dogs)

    Sorry, I just spammed you all up. I just think Cardiacs are that awesome.

    I guess Magazine count as well:
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