2016 Audi R18 and Porsche 919 Hybrid Coming to iRacing

iRacing 7 September 22, 2017 by

In a surprise move, iRacing released a new trailer announcing the addition of two LMP1 cars en route to the acclaimed racer.

The trailer focuses on the motorsport rivalry of Audi and Porsche, two manufacturers that have a long history together. Operating under the same Volkswagen Group banner hasn’t prevented the two from going at each other.

While the LMP1 class itself is currently slim pickings, iRacing is going straight for the top competitors. Who you may ask? The two models in question appear to be none other than the 2016 R18 e-tron quattro and 919 Hybrid.

Last competing together in 2016, both manufacturers have since retired from endurance racing. Audi has turned its focus toward the ever-growing Formula E Championship, and Porsche will follow suit in 2019. Until then however, iRacing looks to continue the heated rivalry.

Despite the two brands tussling for track victories, there was a sense of mutual respect. In 2014 when Porsche announced its return to endurance racing, Audi welcomed the marque back by driving to Porsche HQ and laying down rubber spelling out “welcome back”. Following Audi’s retirement from the WEC series, Porsche would repay the favor asking for its return.

As it stands, both cars are currently “in development” with no clear indication of a release schedule. Rest assured, we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

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