First Porsche Pack Brings 7 New Cars to Assetto Corsa, Available Now on PC
Assetto Corsa Oct 25th, 2016 by Michael Leary

PC players get in on the action early as the Stuttgart manufacturer debuts in Assetto Corsa.

Steam Outs Dates & Contents of Porsche Pack Volumes 2 & 3 for Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Oct 24th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Steam continues to leak the details of Assetto Corsa’s Porsche Packs, this time revealing the contents of Volumes II and III coming later this year.

Newest Exploit Allows Players to Resize Stock Wheels in Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 Oct 22nd, 2016 by Michael Leary

Aftermarket rims not suiting your Horizon rides as well as the stock ones? Latest glitch means you don’t have to switch.

Feast Your Eyes On The Entire Lineup of Assetto Corsa’s First Porsche Pack
Assetto Corsa Oct 20th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Kunos continues the slow trickle of new shots on Facebook, while somebody left the faucet on over at Steam…

Silverstone, Laguna Seca, and Bathurst Featured in Latest GT6 Seasonal Events
Gran Turismo 6 Oct 19th, 2016 by Michael Leary

This week’s A-spec challenges puts you in charge of capable sporting machines ready for a fight.

Turn 10 Begins Banning PC Players for Trainer Exploits in Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 Oct 17th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Not so fast – Turn 10 begins handing out FH3 bans for PC players using an aptly-named Trainer program.

Latest Update for Forza Horizon 3 Addresses Windows 10 Performance Issues
Forza Horizon 3 Oct 14th, 2016 by Michael Leary

An update is on the Horizon, addressing a number of issues with stability and performance for this year’s open-world racer.

Porsche DLC Volume 1 Coming to Assetto Corsa on October 25th for PC
Assetto Corsa Oct 14th, 2016 by Michael Leary

It’s official: Assetto Corsa’s first Porsche pack is coming to PC players later this month.

Driveclub VR Now Available; Shown in Latest PSVR Ad
Driveclub Gaming Oct 13th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Driveclub VR is here, and can be seen in the latest ad showcasing Sony’s VR headset.

SimBin Studios Re-Established in the UK; Focused on Multi-Platform Racing Titles
Gaming Oct 11th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Good news for PC and console gamers alike: the SimBin name has been resurrected for a new UK location.

Assetto Corsa Japanese Car Pack RX-7 2
Assetto Corsa’s Japanese Pack Comes to Consoles; Xbox One Update Released
Assetto Corsa Oct 7th, 2016 by Michael Leary

An earlier update to the game is now available for Xbox One players, in addition to even more cars waiting to be blitzed around the track.

Pikes Peak Rally Cars Take Charge in This Week’s GT6 Super Lap & Drift Trial Challenges
Gran Turismo 6 Oct 6th, 2016 by Michael Leary

This week’s A-spec challenges puts you in charge of the rally monsters that have gone toe-to-toe with the Pikes Peak Hillclimb.

Assetto Corsa Japanese Car Pack MX-5 3
Assetto Corsa’s Japanese Car Pack Comes to the PlayStation 4 on October 7
Assetto Corsa Oct 4th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Things are beginning to heat up for Assetto Corsa’s console crowd as additional cars are on the way, releasing later this week.

Channel Your Inner Vulcan with the Smoking Tire Car Pack for Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 Oct 3rd, 2016 by Michael Leary

A Twitter leak suggests seven new rides are coming to Forza Horizon 3, and they’re all absolutely mental.

Assetto Corsa Maserati Levante S
Assetto Corsa’s September Update Now Available on PS4
Assetto Corsa Sep 29th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Assetto Corsa’s first console update is now available to PS4 players.

PlayStation Experience 2016 Comes to Anaheim, CA This December
Gaming Sep 29th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Sony confirms the where and when for this year’s PlayStation Experience.

Driveclub’s Soundtrack Gets Collector’s Edition Vinyl Treatment, Releases September 30
Driveclub Sep 27th, 2016 by Michael Leary

Like Driveclub’s pounding soundtrack, and old-school musical media? Sony’s got just the ticket, and it’s available this Friday.

Menu Reveals Expansion Pass for Forza Horizon 3
Forza Horizon 3 Sep 23rd, 2016 by Michael Leary

It appears an Expansion Pass is planned for this year’s open world racer.

Forza Horizon 3 Early Access Now Available to Ultimate Edition Owners
Forza Horizon 3 Sep 23rd, 2016 by Michael Leary

If you spent a little extra on the Ultimate Edition for all of the bells and whistles, you can now access the game 4 days ahead of the official release.

Autumn Ring, Apricot Hill, and Spa Featured in Latest GT6 Seasonal Events
Gran Turismo 6 Sep 21st, 2016 by Michael Leary

This week’s newest A-spec challenges focus on making the most of your power.

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