Absolute Drift: Zen Edition Offers Top-Down Sideways Fun on PS4

If GTPlanet were focused solely on Gran Turismo, we would miss so many opportunities to bring interesting news on other driving games to the front page. In this particular case, that would be a clear misfire as Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is one of the more interesting driving games we have seen lately, bringing some much needed diversity to this genre.

Absolute Drift: Zen Edition is the upcoming indie driving game borne out of a collaboration between Flippfly and Funselektor Labs. What makes the game stand out from everything else we get to play driving-wise is the top-down perspective and more importantly, the focus on a relaxing and spiritual atmosphere while you master the art of going sideways. The latter is quite unusual in the world of adrenaline-pumping driving games, but that is exactly what could attract players wanting something different.

Night driving is quite captivating.

The game is said to feature 5 open-roam environments where players will be able to travel around searching for interesting locations and trigger special missions. Gymkhana stages will also be a part of the game, giving you chance to perform stunts and master drifting to the highest level possible. Proper driving and task completion will reward you with bonus points and players willing to cope with others will enjoy the benefits of ghost car sharing and leaderboards. Car customization and unlockable vehicles have also been confirmed.

Also, is it just us, or does it bear a striking resemblance to a certain background menu video from Gran Turismo 5?

Putting all the downsides the top-down perspective can do to driving itself aside, this could be a good game to run to when you’re looking for a change of pace from playing sophisticated simulators. The game is set to appear August 16 on PlayStation 4. You can find out all the details on the official PlayStation website, and check out our gallery below.

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  1. AgentBlackDog

    It does remind me a lot of Gran Turismo 5’s menu video with the buildings that look basic like the ones in this game.


    It is like the voice of that master from konfu panda ( drifting edition ) speaking to you ?
    Or that master from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles XD


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