Thrustmaster Teases More New Tech: T-RTF

Right on schedule, and just as we predicted after last week’s teaser, Thrustmaster has taken to social media to preview something new. However it’s not quite what we were expecting.… Read More »

Fanatec Reveals New Limited Edition ClubSport F1 2021 Steering Wheel

Fanatec has revealed a new limited edition version of its ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 for 2021. It’s, unsurprisingly, called the ClubSport Steering Wheel F1 2021, and is limited to just… Read More »

Thrustmaster Teases "T-DCC", a Mystery New Peripheral

Sim racing equipment manufacturer Thrustmaster has followed up on a teaser it posted earlier this month with a further dose of mystery. In a post made across its social channels,… Read More »

Fanatec Reveals CSL Pedals, Starting at $80

Hot on the heels of the new CSL DD direct drive wheel, racing peripheral manufacturer has revealed another new product aimed squarely at bringing its technologies to a lower price… Read More »

Fanatec Reveals New CSL DD: Entry Level, $350 Direct Drive Wheel Base

After a relatively brief period of teasing, sim racing peripheral manufacturer Fanatec has taken the covers off its new wheel base. It goes by the name of CSL DD and… Read More »

Fanatec Teases a New Direct Drive Wheel [Updated]

It looks like sim racing fans will be spoiled for choice in 2021, as it seems there’s another new driving peripheral on its way. This time it’s coming from Fanatec,… Read More »

Thrustmaster Reveals New $350 Ferrari SF1000 Wheel, Available Now

After a couple of months of teasing, Thrustmaster has unveiled its new steering wheel. It’s called the “Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition”, and it is a 1:1 replica of… Read More »

Thrustmaster Ferrari SF1000 Formula Wheel Confirmed for April 20 Reveal

Thrustmaster has confirmed that its new wheel, due to be revealed tomorrow, will be a Ferrari SF1000 Edition model standalone wheel. We first saw the wheel teased last December, when… Read More »

Thrustmaster Reveals More of Its New Wheel, Full Unveiling April 20

Thrustmaster has shown off a little bit more of its new racing wheel, following an initial teaser back in December. The short video clip reveals some more details on the… Read More »

Fanatec to Launch Cheaper Wheels for PlayStation 5

Racing peripheral manufacturer Fanatec has indicated that it’s preparing to enter a new market segment, with a new product range for PlayStation 5 coming later this year. The information comes… Read More »

Fanatec Releases New CSL Universal Hub

Fanatec has revealed its new CSL Universal Hub, allowing players to bolt a multitude of steering wheel rims — including items from real-world vehicles — to virtually any Fanatec wheelbase.… Read More »

Fanatec Reveals New CSL Elite McLaren GT3 V2 Wheel

Hardware 49 Dec 17, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Fanatec has revealed a new version of its CSL Elite Steering Wheel, based on the original McLaren GT3 item. Unsurprisingly called the “McLaren GT3 V2”, Fanatec describes it as a… Read More »

Thrustmaster Teases New Formula-Style Wheel, Coming 2021

Hardware -1 Dec 14, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Thrustmaster has taken to social media to tease us with a new bit of sim-racing kit it’s bringing to market next year. Staying true to the concept of teasing, Thrustmaster… Read More »

BMW and Sedus Reveal High-End "Fusion SL" Sim-Racing Furniture

Hardware 15 Dec 10, 2020 by Jordan Greer

BMW has shown a lot of interest in sim-racing lately, with its biggest commitment coming in the form of a special partnership with Fanatec that lets you go sim-racing with… Read More »

Fanatec's New BMW Wheel is a Sim Racing Wheel You Can Put In Your Race Car

Hardware 27 Dec 5, 2020 by Andrew Evans

Fanatec has revealed a new sim racing wheel that you can take off your driving rig and fit into a real race car. This rather unusual blurring of the line… Read More »

Fanatec Offers 20% Discounts in Black Friday 2020 Deals

Hardware 79 Nov 26, 2020 by Andrew Evans

It’s time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday: the time of year at which the best deals can be had on usually expensive sim-racing hardware. As ever, Fanatec is leading… Read More »