Corsair Reveals Its New Sim Racing Rig to Launch Later This Year

In the midst of its planned takeover of Fanatec, Corsair is taking its own first steps into the sim racing market, revealing a new driving rig set to launch later in 2024.

The company revealed a prototype of its cockpit at the Computex Taipei event in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as releasing information on social media and via a press release. As yet, the rig doesn’t have a name and officially the design is not finalized either but we’re not expecting huge changes over the next few months.

Its basic structure is designed around some meaty, all-steel, cylindrical tubing — we’d estimate around two inches in diameter — with the intention being to resist flex from the highest-torque wheelbases. We can see a number of joins in the image and video, with Corsair noting that it’s made for quick assembly and adjustment.

Corsair promises that the rig will be compatible with most sim racing equipment, although the specifics on this are still under wraps. We note that there’s a Fanatec CSL DD wheelbase and two different Fanatec wheel rims in the video, as well as some Heusinkveld pedals.

The rig also features “tool-free” adjustment for seat, wheelbase, and pedal positioning, and the seat can be placed in an upright “GT” position or the more reclined “F1” position depending on preference. There’s also an included monitor mount that will support ultra-wide displays, as well as other optional accessory mounts.

One feature highlighted in the promotional video is a cable management system, allowing you to route power and data cabling through the rig via special holes in the frame to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Naturally, at this early stage, there’s no mention of pricing, but Corsair says it’ll provide more information over the coming months as it readies for launch later in 2024.

Of course the company remains the preferred buyer for the beleaguered Endor AG and its Fanatec brand, so whether this launches as a Corsair product or a Fanatec product remains to be seen — not to mention the fate of the Fanatec name itself.

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