Gran Turismo 7 PSN Avatars Available in PlayStation Days of Play

Over the course of the next month, PlayStation gamers will have an opportunity to earn exclusive profile customization items — not for just themselves but for all players who take part.

It’s part of the annual Days of Play event, which features games sales, free online multiplayer weekends, and the “Player Celebration”. That’s a gaming extravaganza by which all players who sign up contribute points towards a goal to earn special PlayStation prizes.

The Player Celebration event requires you to do three things which you’d probably be doing anyway: play games, play games with friends, and win PSN Trophies. Once you’ve signed up, every game you play for at least one hour (cumulatively) gives one point, and every game you play for at least one hour with a friend who has also registered gives two points. Every PSN Trophy you win, regardless of grade, gives one point — up to a maximum of six per day.

These points count towards two different targets, and there’s three difference stages to the event. At the first stage, the “games goal” target is set at 2.4 million points, and the “trophy goal” at 7.2 million points.

Should the community hit this target over the week of May 18 to May 24, all participants will get an exclusive Days of Play PS4 theme. If they hit the advanced target of 3 million games and 8.8 million trophies, there’ll be three PSN avatars available to all, including a special Gran Turismo 7 avatar featuring the Porsche 917.

Two further stages have similar targets. 2.9 million games and 8.5 million trophies are required in stage two over the week of May 25 to May 31 — rising to 3.6 million games and 10.4 million trophies for the advanced target. Stage three lifts that to 3m/3.7m games and 9m/11m trophies, again offering an exclusive GT7 avatar for the advanced rewards.

If the community succeeds in meeting all three base targets, players will also receive an additional Days of Play PS4 theme and PSN avatar. It’s worth noting that PS5 players cannot download the PS4 themes, but all players will have access to all PSN avatar rewards.

Sign-ups for the celebration are open now, and free of charge.