Author: Andrew Evans

Unboxing GT Sport's Limited Edition PS4 and Collector's Edition

It was only a couple of months ago that Sony revealed a special, limited edition PS4 console for GT Sport. Based on the regular, 1TB, slim PS4 model, the eye-catching… Read More »

Can Gran Turismo Sport Help Teach Police Drivers to Drive Better?

Gran Turismo’s credentials for training drivers are already well-established. Through the GT Academy program, the games have provided more than a few pretty handy drivers to motorsports teams on three… Read More »

GT Sport's Circuit Experience is the Quick Way to Early, Easy Money

Every time a new game comes out, like GT Sport, fans immediately look for a quick way to bypass the grind. The good news with GT Sport is that the… Read More »

Korea's Land Rover: SsangYong Rexton

Cars 5 Oct 16 by Andrew Evans

There’s so many vehicles and brands that have emerged from the need for military transport. Just look at our road test last week, of the Mercedes G-Class. Or Land Rover,… Read More »

Polyphony Digital Will "Add More Events Through Updates" to GT Sport's Campaign Mode

Although we’ve known for two years that GT Sport will be an online-focused title, for many the offline experience is just as important. Over the last few months, fans have… Read More »

Aston Martin Lifts the Lid on the New DB11 Volante — But Where's the V12?

Aston Martin has revealed its new DB11 Volante convertible, to sit alongside the Coupe as the range flagship. With first deliveries due in early 2018, the DB11 Volante finally replaces… Read More »

Polyphony Digital Extends GT Sport Demo For Another 24 Hours

Those of you still having fun on the GT Sport demo may have already noticed that, despite being past its end date, it hasn’t quite finished yet. That’s because Polyphony… Read More »

Play Gran Turismo Sport and Get Coaching From Lewis Hamilton

Three-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton may be well on his way to his fourth title, but he’s taking some time out to help Gran Turismo fans. Hamilton is… Read More »

When Excess Isn't Excessive Enough: Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6x6

Welcome to Wednesday Want. Each week, our team will pluck a car from our thousands-strong Car Suggestions forum and give it some time in the spotlight. From the weird to the wonderful, we’ll… Read More »

We Drove a Nissan GT-R With a PlayStation Controller — And It Worked

It’s a discussion that comes up time and again. Some people will swear up and down that the only way to get realism from a driving game is to use… Read More »

First Drive Review: Mercedes-Benz G350d 4MATIC

Cars 0 Oct 9 by Andrew Evans

There’s no school like the old school, and you can’t get much more old school than this. Aside from the occasional Morgan or Caterham, there’s nothing on the roads today… Read More »

How a Vision Gran Turismo Became Justice League's New Batmobile

The Vision Gran Turismo project has always been a bit of a divisive one. Some fans like the idea of manufacturers making cool concept cars for the game, some dislike… Read More »

The Grand Tour Teases Season Two With These New Images

If you’ve been waiting for news on the second series of The Grand Tour, you’re in luck. The big budget car show’s official Facebook page has posted a bunch of… Read More »

Porsche Cayman and 919 Hybrid Confirmed for Gran Turismo Sport

The latest information dump from Gran Turismo Sport reveals more than a few interesting motors, not least of which are two new Porsche models. Now weighing in at over 160… Read More »

Move Over Bugatti, Koenigsegg is the New King of Speed

A couple of weeks back, Bugatti announced that it had set a new World Record. Its newest Chiron supercar had hit an astonishing performance benchmark. With ex-F1 driver Juan Pablo… Read More »

The Supercar of Hot Hatches: Renault Clio Renaultsport V6

Last week we were reviewing the most recent version of Renault’s signature hot hatch, the Clio Renault Sport. It’s a decent little thing, and another…

Nissan Turns Over a New Leaf, Adds Nismo Power (Sort Of)

If you think of the least sporty cars on the planet, it won’t be long before you reach the Nissan Leaf. The heavy and dumpy looking electric vehicle was not… Read More »

Update: Sony Confirms Four-Day Demo for Gran Turismo Sport

Polyphony Digital studio head Kazunori Yamauchi has confirmed a limited-time GT Sport demo, in a post on the PlayStation Blog. The demo will be available as a free download from… Read More »

First Drive Review: MINI Countryman Cooper S

Cars 7 Oct 2 by Andrew Evans

It’s hard to imagine a brand that has enjoyed such a renaissance and undergone such a change, while seemingly remaining the same, as MINI. The original Mini was a precision-engineered… Read More »

Is This Formula 4 Race The Worst Race Ever Run?

It’s a famous old adage in racing that to finish first, first you must finish. Well, one race in Malaysia this weekend has proven that wrong. Just when we thought we’d… Read More »