Author: Andrew Evans

This Week In Cars: Sat Nav Coffee & Mustangs Turned Into Watches

Let’s face it, this week hasn’t been great if you’re a fan of attractive cars. Despite the LA Auto Show last week, two manufacturers waited to reveal their latest models… Read More »

Meet McLaren's New Road-Legal Track Weapon: The McLaren Senna

British high performance car manufacturer McLaren has revealed a new supercar benchmark, with a car it calls the McLaren Senna. The Senna is part of McLaren’s “Ultimate Series”. This is… Read More »

Another Update for GT Sport is on the Way This Weekend

It looks like the GT Sport patches are coming thick and fast, with an announcement of a second update this week. Update version 1.07 arrived only on Wednesday this week.… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Update 1.07 Goes Live, Brings Minor Fixes

As revealed yesterday, the latest update for GT Sport has gone live overnight. Although labelled as v1.07, this 253.6MB update is not the expected December content expansion. Rather it’s an interim… Read More »

GT Sport Mileage Exchange Updated With New Rims and Paint

Another week has passed, and so the Mileage Exchange has updated with items you can buy with your hard-earned points. The Safety Car and Mustang Gr.3 road car persist from… Read More »

Hot Cross Fun: Nissan Juke Nismo RS Review

Cars 6 Dec 5 by Andrew Evans

When Nissan launched the Juke in 2010, reactions were varied to say the least. In a classic case of judging the book by its cover, some in the automotive press… Read More »

Polyphony Digital to Release "Emergency Update" for GT Sport This Week

Gran Turismo Sport users are waking up this morning to an unusual in-game notice. It advises that Polyphony Digital will patch the game with an “emergency update”. It seems likely… Read More »

The Lamborghini Urus Will be the Fastest SUV in the World

Despite an unveiling lightly plagued by technical issues, Lamborghini has revealed its new Urus to the world. Well, we’ve been waiting five years, so what does another five minutes matter?… Read More »

Lamborghini Set to Unveil Its Crucial New "Urus" SUV Today

Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini will reveal its new SUV at 6.00pm CET today. The “Urus” is set to be the brand’s first SUV, although it has some experience with offroaders,… Read More »

This Week in Cars: Vette for Vets, the Missing Lynk and Toyota Seizes Power

If you wanted to get out some terrible news about your cars, this week was the ideal time to do so. Yes, it’s motor show time, and there’s been a… Read More »

Need a Leg-Up in GT Sport? Let the Achievements Work For You

It’s been more than a month since we all got our hands on GT Sport. In that time we’ve seen a few updates, the launch of the FIA event test… Read More »

Wrestling Superstar Sells His Supercar and Gets Sued For His Trouble

It’s fair to say that John Cena is a bit of a car nut. In fact he has his own Youtube channel, Auto Geek, where he presents and reviews some… Read More »

The Cool Catalan Crossover: SEAT Ateca Review

Cars 3 Nov 28 by Andrew Evans

It’s difficult to avoid mid-sized crossovers on Europe’s roads these days. It seems like every fourth car is a crossover of some kind, and it’s a love affair that doesn’t… Read More »

This Week in Cars: The Brits Get Racy and Uber Aims for Safety

Winter is coming, F1 is coming to a close and we’ve got a motor show around the corner. Anywhere else, this would be a good week to kick back and… Read More »

Will 2017's Bumper Fall Sim Racing Harvest Bust the Console Slump?

It might not seem like it, but console sim-racing is having a bit of a hard time of it right now. While the breadth of choice is undoubtedly the strongest it has ever been…

GT Sport Patch v1.06 to Bring New Cars and Offline Modes

Back in 2016, Kazunori Yamauchi promised that GT Sport players wouldn’t have to wait long for new content to come to the game: “Naturally we’re planning DLC and updates after… Read More »

Bauble Burble: DS3 Performance Black Review

Cars 7 Nov 20 by Andrew Evans

Hot hatchbacks are just the best. They solve literally every problem a car buyer could possibly need. Small enough to fit everywhere? Check. Boot you can use? Check. Economical engine… Read More »

This Week In Cars: Self-Driving in Style, Musk's Semi and China Takes to the Skies

There’s a calm in the air at the moment as there’s yet another motor show around the corner. The Los Angeles Auto Show will throw open its doors in two… Read More »

Elon Musk Unveils Surprise, Supercar-Killing, Second Generation Tesla Roadster

Last night was supposed to be about Tesla’s biggest ever vehicle. Instead, the big news was about its smallest. During an event intended to unveil the Tesla Semi — an 80,000lb… Read More »

A Real Estate: FIAT Tipo SW Review

Cars 8 Nov 13 by Andrew Evans

Europe loves its practical cars. If it doesn’t have a vertical tailgate, good luck selling it to Europeans. A car with a top-hinged trunk lid is the number one seller… Read More »