Author: Andrew Evans

A Challenger Appears: Mitsubishi Shogun Sport First Drive Review

Cars 5 Jun 21 by Andrew Evans

When we reviewed the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross a few weeks back, we felt it was a nice step forward for a brand that has been in the doldrums. Well, Mitsubishi… Read More »

New Hues to Choose in This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

As is now tradition, Tuesday is the day GT Sport‘s painters celebrate. Polyphony Digital has updated the Mileage Exchange on cue, bringing a largely rejuvenated palette. It’s a minor update… Read More »

A New GT Sport Update Will Arrive in Time for the FIA Championships

GT Sport‘s signature FIA Championships will finally get underway this week. Polyphony Digital is releasing a game update to coincide with it. Polyphony revealed the update’s existence in a post… Read More »

2018 24 Hours of Le Mans Review: A Routine Race, At Last!

After the mayhem of recent years, endurance racing fans may have been crying out for a normal race. It’s not good for the heart to run at 130bpm for a… Read More »

GT Sport Mileage Exchange Refresh Brings Back the Mustang Gr.3 Road Car

Polyphony Digital has updated the Mileage Exchange on its usual schedule. In keeping with the alternating major/minor updates, this week is all-change, bringing different cars along with all the other… Read More »

Hypercars to Head Back to the Top Class at Le Mans in 2020

It looks like the face of top level endurance motorsport will change from 2020. The FIA has revealed plans to move away from purpose-built racing prototypes and back towards a… Read More »

GT Sport Update v1.20 Arrives, Brings Bug Fixes

GT Sport players will wake up to a new patch this morning. It’s the second update in the last eight days and, as expected, arrives to fix some small issues… Read More »

Is Porsche About to Demolish Its Own All-Time 'Ring Lap Record?

During the recent Nürburgring 24 Hours weekend, Porsche treated race fans to a bit of a spectacle. The Porsche 919 Evo is on a victory tour of the world’s circuits… Read More »

Paint Your Wagon With This Week's GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

It’s another colorful week in the world of GT Sport‘s Mileage Exchange. Just as expected, it’s another minor update this week, keeping the Special Vehicles from last week but sprucing… Read More »

Another GT Sport Update is On Its Way This Week

It’s not even a week since we got our hands on the latest update of GT Sport, but there’s another on its way. According to an announcement on official game… Read More »

New GT Sport "Sporting History" Reveals Player Performance Data

Stats fans can rejoice with the latest addition to the GT Sport website. There’s a new “Sporting History” section within your user profile that tracks your career in the game’s… Read More »

Alfa Romeo Set to Revive GTV Name, and Introduce 700hp+ 8C Successor

Alfa Romeo has revealed its plans for the next five years, and there’s some pretty exciting metal coming up. First on the list was a new 8C model. It’ll be… Read More »

California is Trying Out Digital License Plates, For Some Reason

Today on “solutions to problems no-one ever thought existed”, digital license plates. The US state of California is trialing digital license plates on cars, in place of the regular pressed… Read More »

Matt LeBlanc To Drive Away From Top Gear

After four successful seasons on Top Gear, Matt LeBlanc has announced that the show’s next run will be his last. Citing the time pressures and absence from family, LeBlanc said… Read More »

Meet The Armored Skoda That's Even More Bulletproof Than Usual

Skoda has a bit of a reputation for building bulletproof cars these days. It was a little different in the 1980s, but the modern brand is as reliable as they… Read More »

Subaru WRX Gr.B Road Car Returns to the GT Sport Mileage Exchange

Fans of road legal rally cars will get a kick from this week’s rather colorful Mileage Exchange update. Yes, we’ve hit that point in the cycle where Polyphony Digital refreshes… Read More »

Is Circuit de la Sarthe Coming to GT Sport This Week? We Reckon It Might Be...

When it comes to the world’s most iconic tracks, there’s not much that gets close to the Circuit de la Sarthe. It’s been the venue for the 24 Hours of… Read More »

Next Major GT Sport Update Arrives on May 30

The GT Sport update revealed in a Tweet by Kazunori Yamauchi last week will be with us soon. Polyphony Digital has released a maintenance announcement which also tells us when… Read More »

Netflix's "Fastest Car" is the Worst of Car Culture (and Sometimes Its Best)

Automotive culture rarely gets a look-in on television. Although hundreds of millions of people worldwide drive cars, precious few actually take an interest in them. Shows like Top Gear are… Read More »

If You Think Your Day's Bad, At Least You Weren't Just Fired Over Twitter Like Kris Meeke...

Being a professional racing driver is awesome. You drive fast cars, you’re paid loads, your team fires you in an announcement on Twitter… Yes, spare a thought for British racing… Read More »