Author: Andrew Evans

Hyundai i30N Performance Road Test Review: N Marks the Spot

The Korean brands are on a roll right now. Kia is making some of the most handsome cars in its sector, sister brand Hyundai is making some quality kit (and… Read More »

Driving 30 Years of the Honda NSX

Thirty years ago this week, a Japanese manufacturer unveiled a genre-redefining car at the Chicago Auto Show. No, not the Mazda MX-5 — although that was there too — but… Read More »

Ford's Solution to Sleeping With Selfish People: The Autonomous Bed

Car manufacturers are always looking for new ways to implement their autonomous vehicle tech. Nissan, for example, has self-parking slippers. Well, now it’s Ford’s turn. The Blue Oval has decided… Read More »

MINI Teases Its Fastest Ever Car: The 300hp John Cooper Works GP

If you want the fastest hot hatch around in 2020, it looks like you’re going to have to think small. MINI has released a handful of teaser images and information… Read More »

Is GT Academy Officially Dead? RJN Motorsport Switches to Honda — and Jenson Button

Things have been a little quiet on the GT Academy front recently. As GT Sport‘s full esports competition got into action, the gamer-to-racer program seemed to wither somewhat. Now it… Read More »

Miata at 30: Mazda's Best Special Edition MX-5s

Whatever your opinion of it, the Mazda MX-5 — or Miata, or Roadster — is simply one of the most enduring sports cars in the world. Despite being a hopelessly… Read More »

Jann Mardenborough Secures Super GT GT500 Race Seat for 2019

Although Nissan is shaking up its motorsports program for 2019, one driver who’s going nowhere for now is Jann Mardenborough. Nissan recently revealed Mardenborough as its simulator driver for the… Read More »

Netflix's The Gentleman Driver: How the Amateurs Make Motorsport Unique

“Gentleman drivers are drivers that are not professional — that are rich. They have lots of money, more money than sense.” New Netflix documentary The Gentleman Driver starts off with… Read More »

Meet the David Bowie Tribute Car from the Designer Behind the Citroen GT

If you’re not familiar with Takumi Yamamoto, chances are that you’re familiar with his work. Yamamoto is a former exterior designer at PSA, the French car company formed of Peugeot,… Read More »

This GT Sport Easter Egg Could Reveal the Return of GT Arena

It seems that even after 15 months on sale, GT Sport still has a few hidden secrets. Thanks to GT Online Championship world finalist Adam Wilk, we’ve been able to… Read More »

Volkswagen Teases a 21st Century Dune Buggy Ahead of Geneva Debut

When it comes to the expression of freedom, few vehicles embody the spirit like a Volkswagen Buggy. In just about any film about young adults in the 1960s, there’ll be… Read More »

Ginetta is Working on a V8-Powered Supercar for 2019 Debut

British sports and race car manufacturer Ginetta has revealed that it’s working on its own supercar. Outside of the UK, Ginetta is probably better known for its racing cars. In… Read More »

Hot Dog! Oscar Mayer is Taking Applications for Wienermobile Drivers

If you’ve always wanted to grab your wiener with both hands and take it on an adventure across the United States, now’s your chance. Famed hot dog sausage manufacturer Oscar… Read More »

97 Percent of Keyless Entry and Start Systems are Vulnerable to Attack

Car security is a never-ending arms race. As car technology gets smarter, car thieves get smarter — and staying one step ahead is not far enough to stop them stealing… Read More »

Boeing Attempts to Answer the Biggest Question in Motoring: Where's My Flying Car?

It’s one of the most enduring questions in the world of motoring. We’re in the future, so where’s my flying car? Every few years, someone comes along with their answer… Read More »

Mazda CX-3 Road Test Review: Big Fun, Small Package

The motor industry seems to be moving towards a new law. Much like that infamous rule of the internet it now seems that, if it exists, there’s a crossover of… Read More »

Wipeout on Wheels: MCLExtreme is McLaren's Vision For Formula One in 2050

Formula One is a sport right at the cutting edge of technology. The systems and materials used on today’s race cars will inevitably reach the road in a few years… Read More »

Aston Martin Shows Off Valkyrie's Even Faster Track Pack and Huge Options List

When you buy an Aston Martin, one of the things you expect is the ability to make it truly individual. Even if it’s one of 150, stripped-out, $3.2m hypercars, sporting… Read More »

Sim Racers Beat the F1 and IndyCar Pros at Race Of Champions, Again

You’d think that, by now, the idea that sim racers might be pretty handy with real cars would have sunk in. It’s been over a decade since Lucas Ordonez won… Read More »

Porsche Hits the Rally Stages With the Cayman GT4 Rallye

When you think of great manufacturers of rally cars, Porsche might not be the first name to spring to mind. Even if you’re a Porsche enthusiast, it’ll be more familiar… Read More »