Author: Andrew Evans

Ford Reveals Ranger Raptor at Gamescom, Coming to Forza Horizon 4 in October

As we revealed last week, Ford has become the first car manufacturer to unveil a vehicle at the Gamescom gaming show in Cologne. It hasn’t come as much of a… Read More »

Carlos Sainz to Replace Fernando Alonso at McLaren

McLaren has announced Renault Sport driver Carlos Sainz Jr. as its replacement for the retiring Fernando Alonso. It’s the latest move in F1’s “silly season” — a period in which… Read More »

There's Another Leak at BMW, And This Time It's The Z4 Roadster

BMW has sprung another leak. Once again, super-secret images that haven’t even appeared in press releases marked “Embargo” yet are turning up online. In 2017, BMW had a bit of… Read More »

GT Sport FIA Online Championship Expands to Cover Italy, But All is Not What it Seems...

When Polyphony Digital first announced the final format of the FIA Online Championships in 2018, we couldn’t help but notice a glaring omission. Although the entry criteria were expansive, they… Read More »

With Kia SSZ, You Don't Have to Put Up With Other People's "Music" in the Car Any More

Ah, road trips. Being stuck in a car for hours on end, forced to listen to whatever the people in the front of the car settle on. Or shoving your… Read More »

GT Sport: Paints and Poses Play Their Part in This Week's Mileage Exchange

Long-term GT Sport fans know what Tuesday means. It’s another update to the game’s Mileage Exchange. It’s the 44th different line-up — yes, GT Sport has now been on sale… Read More »

How Well Do You Know GT Sport's Circuits? Try Our Tricky Track Quiz!

Apparently 5.5 million of us have played GT Sport to date. That’s a lot of people, and a lot of miles driven on the game’s 64 tracks (as of the… Read More »

You'll Get a Boost in GT Sport if You're On the FIA Championship's Winning Team

When it comes to GT Sport‘s FIA Online Championships, most of us don’t stand that much of a chance of winning the big prize. To even be in with a… Read More »

Sony Celebrates Half a Billion PlayStations With a PS4 Special Edition

Sony will release a special edition PlayStation 4 later this month to mark a rather impressive landmark. Since it set the brand off in 1994, Sony has registered 500 million… Read More »

Ford Builds its Ten Millionth Mustang

When it comes to iconic cars, you’d have to go a long way to match the Ford Mustang. It’s been in production for 54 years, in one form or another,… Read More »

Polyphony Digital May (Finally) Be Outsourcing 3D Modeling Work

The July update brought an unusually diverse mix of new cars to GT Sport. It’s fair to say that, given much earlier comments about open-wheel cars, the Mercedes-AMG F1 W08… Read More »

Mileage Exchange Update: The Cycle Begins Anew With the Corvette Gr.3 Road Car

As anticipated, Polyphony Digital has updated the Mileage Exchange and it’s a return to the start of the cycle. It’s a major update this week, refreshing all of the items… Read More »

GT Sport Update v1.24 Arrives, Brings Tweaks and Tickles

The surprise update for GT Sport has arrived and, as expected, it addresses minor issues with the previous update. This update comes in at just over 150MB. That’s not big… Read More »

Another Update is Incoming for GT Sport This Week

We’re still absorbing all of the content and changes in the July update to GT Sport, but already there’s another on its way. An in-game notification reveals the existence of… Read More »

Daniel Ricciardo to Leave Red Bull for 2019, Joins Renault Sport

Aston Martin Red Bull Racing has announced that Australian driver Daniel Ricciardo will leave the team at the end of the current season. Ricciardo, 29, has been a Red Bull… Read More »

A British Survey Says British Cars Are the Greatest Movie Cars Ever

It’s one of those questions that car enthusiasts will argue over until they’re blue in the face. What is the greatest movie car ever? Hyundai UK thought it would try… Read More »

Is It a Bird? Is It a Plane? No, It's a Ford Fiesta...

If you happened to be the area of Blaenau Ffestiniog in (obviously) Wales recently, you might have been treated to an unusual aerial display. It wasn’t the Red Arrows, or… Read More »

Strike a Pose in the Latest GT Sport Mileage Exchange Update

As with every week so far in GT Sport‘s life time, Polyphony Digital has used Tuesday to rejig the Mileage Exchange. There’s an established major/minor cycle for the Mileage Exchange.… Read More »

GT Sport's Daily Races Are Now Anything But Daily (Again)

As the v1.23 update lands, GT Sport players are having to get used to a rather unusual retrograde step. Polyphony Digital has changed the scheduling of the game’s Sport Mode… Read More »

Drive a Real Porsche Race Car With Latest Forza Motorsport 7 Contest

Forza Motorsport 7 players have a chance to get behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 race car in a new competition. The contest, a collaboration between Porsche, Forza Motorsport… Read More »