Forza Horizon 5 “Let’s Go!” Stream to Reveal Mercedes-Benz 300SLR for Series 11

The next episode in the monthly Forza Horizon 5 show Let’s Go! is set to reveal the specifics of the upcoming Series 11 — titled “Rami’s Racing History” — but has already teased us with a couple of new vehicles for the title.

Of the two, the easiest to spot is the Mercedes-Benz 300SLR. This classic race car appears by way of full interior shot as the title card for the stream, which is set to broadcast at 1700UTC on Thursday August 11.

The SLR is both famous and infamous. As well as being a record-breaking Mille Miglia winner in the hands of Sir Stirling Moss, another 300SLR was involved in the dealiest accident in motorsport history — during the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans — which resulted in Mercedes withdrawing from all motorsport for close to 30 years.

Using an eight-cylinder engine derived from the W196 Formula One car, the SLR was one of the fastest cars in the world in its day. One of the nine chassis, converted to the 180mph “Uhlenhaut Coupe” body, recently sold for a world record $142 million.

The second car teased is much harder to spot, and requires a bit of CSI-level sleuthing. You’ll need to ignore Rami’s Dom Toretto guns and zoom right in on his rather neat mirrored sunglasses.

While far from definitive, Rami’s shades appear to show a reflection of the current, G82-generation BMW M4.

Aside from mobile title Real Racing 3, this would be a gaming debut for the M4 road car — and it could be in standard trim, the more powerful Competition, or the all-wheel drive Competition xDrive version.

As a 2022 car, we’re not sure how it fits into the “history” part of “Rami’s Racing History”, or how a younger version of the character is looking at it. Still, with the Wakanda-level technology required to float an island of Hot Wheels 26,000ft above the ground, time travel is unlikely to be a barrier to the Horizon Festival.

We’ll likely find out more during the stream on August 11, as well as further details about the cars and events coming to Series 11. As Rami — Ramiro Luiz Miron — also doubles as (spoiler alert) El Jefe in one of the game’s main story arcs, there’s bound to be plenty going on.

The Let’s Go! stream will follow Forza Monthly, with details on FH5 likely to be in both. Monthly begins at 1600UTC, with Let’s Go! coming in an hour later at 1700UTC, on Thursday August 11.

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