*BOOT ADDED!* Watkins Glen With Elevation Change

*BOOT ADDED!* Watkins Glen With Elevation Change -NEW- Version 2.0!

Many of you who downloaded this track way back in October of 2015 may have saw a spot that said "Updates expected." Well here we are half a year later with no update, but a COMPLETE Revamp. The first thing to note is that the environment has been moved from Eifel to Sierra. Several things made this decision, as elevation is smoother, curbing actually works, and actual runoff areas. The track is now 99% accurate to the real life shape of the course, since I was able to place the track map on the background. I am not even joking when I say, I had made this course over 40 times, testing for the best one. Finally I found one I could be satisfied with. Also only clocking in at less than .1 miles too short, the length is also pretty darn accurate. Thank you all for your support on the track through it's early versions, and many thanks to the beta testers of the new version of this track. I hope you enjoy, and as always, all feedback is welcome!!

Wait, you are still reading? Oh crap! How could I have forgotten!

The Boot.

Many of you may have wondered where this was when I initially released the Watkins Glen course, well, it is here now. It's elevation is shockingly pretty damn close to real life too. The track is oh-so-immersive, and you can now enjoy both versions of Thunder Valley.

Again, A huge thank you for all of the support in the development. That alone is enough to have motivated me to bring you all the closest recreation of the course to GT6. There may be some more minor updates here and there, but for the most part, I am satisfied with this track and think this is the last major update. Enjoy and be sure to leave your opinions! Below are two videos showcasing the courses, and both of the download links.

The Short Course (NASCAR)