Save a ton of diskspace using Compactor!

Save a ton of diskspace using Compactor! 2023-09-18

Hi all,

CM contains a compression tool that allows us to compress some files in Assetto Corsa (car mods files), so that they take up less harddisk space.

Nevertheless my 2TB SSD was running full again...
Then I discovered a tool called CompactGUI, and I was able to save even much more disk space:

I won back an extra 130 GB !!! (on a assetto corsa installation that was already compressed with the CM Compress tool)

This tool also has the advantage of being able to compress a single folder (that one car you want to test this on for example, or when you install a new mod, and you don't wanna wait 2 minutes for the CM tool to go through ALL your mods.)

I got the tool and explanation from here.

Its very easy to use, and can be used on all files.
I compressed my entire steam game directory with it, saving even more space!

Just put the exe somewhere (eg. in C:\portable apps ) and run it. You can then select any folder (except rootfolder of a disk - pitty), choose LZX for compression algorytm (best compression).

You can also in options have it integrate in Windows Right click menu , so you can quicly compress any newly installed mods (cars or tracks)!

Hope this helps some folks who are running out of diskspace.

*If you did not use the CM Compress tool yet, I believe you can skip that , and do the compress at once with CompactGUI and get the same endresult. (So not needed to compress first with CM, and only then with CompactGUI.)


Here some screenshots of cars and tracks folder properties (Windows10) to prove my these claims of what the tool accomplishes:

My cars folder



My tracks folder


Note that in the before shots, the space on disk is already smaller than the actual size (due to the compress with CM compress tool). CompactGUI just does a better job of compressing (and probably CM doesn't compress all file types).

From now on I'll be using CompactGUI instead of CM compress tool (until someone tells me the compress tool has been improved to match the results obtained by CompactGUI, and with the ability to quickly compress only newly added cars and tracks)

EDIT: recently I've switched to an even better program called "Compactor" by Freaky.
Check Update for details.
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This definitely saves more space than CM's compression tool. Thanks for the share!