*BOOT ADDED!* Watkins Glen With Elevation Change

Circuit (Replica) *BOOT ADDED!* Watkins Glen With Elevation Change -NEW- Version 2.0!

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Very nice track, smooth driving and feels like a real track.
Personally, i preferred the older version better.
One of my favorite course maker tracks so far. Love the varied elevation on this track. Beautiful job man.
what a great track!!!
4 stars, just because you need people to race with you to get 5 stars fun. Hi power street car is idea to race on this track. Great work.
Enjoyable replica of short version with really good elevation - feels great.
Great replica, good use of the elevation.
Very good and fun track
Excellent cambers, love the track. Well done
You have no idea how good it felt for me to drive thru the esses again. Watkins Glen is my all time favorite track! My only complaints are that the exit of the carousel sharpens a little at exit, which throws me off, and that the straight before the final turn feels to long. But other than that, FANTASTIC effort!
well done, very enjoyable!
Thank you thank you! Did my first test in a Ferrari 599, and I'm impressed with how this turned out despite the lack of ability to change elevation. About as close as you can get with the lack of changes you can make in the editor. Great fun, thanks for your efforts to bring this classic road course to GT.
Great work on this track! I really appreciate all you efforts. Cheers mate!
Great Job! I have messed with the track path myself and it is pretty limited so I know your difficulty with what you have been given. My only thing is that the inner loop seems a little big. I could be wrong but it appears shorter in other NASCAR games and when you watch it on TV. Over all Great Work!
That's the trick with this track. Half the turns are flat, half have some banking. We might not see a perfect replica but this sure was close!
I commend you on using Eifel and not Eifel Flat ..good job
Nice interpretation of this famous circuit. Sure it's not 100% but the editor has a lot of limitations. This one is definitely a keeper. Thanks nascarfan1400