Proper Circuit (no chicane) 2015-10-12

it's wide ; version with the chicane also available

  1. watermelon punch
    Eifel Flat
    Number Of Turns:
    Length (Unit):

    Proper Circuit (no chicane)
    Theme : Eifel Flat
    Length : 3.15 miles / 5.07 km
    Longest Straight : 0.37 miles / 0.60 km
    Elevation Gap : 3.9 ft / 1.19 m
    Track Width : 43ft / 13.11 m
    Bank Angle : very steep
    Turns : 12

    There is also a version of this track with a chicane.
    The chicane was added 2 days later due to the dangerously high speeds being reached at the east end of the north straight.
    No, actually, I went back in after having saved the track, to edit out the superfluous anchor that was causing a bit of a dip toward the end of the straight, and decided to put in a chicane.

    This video is of Proper Circuit (with chicane), but everything other than the chicane is exactly the same.
    It includes an entire lap from drivers perspective.

    Warning: Track may appear more exciting than really is due to the inept demonstration driver flailing wildly about the track in this video.
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