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Time Trial West Surrey Racing, 1983 Ayrton Senna

West Surrey Racing, 1983 Ayrton Senna
559 PP, 172 hp, 455 kg
Tuned with G27 with Nixim Brake Pedal Mod


Tuned for the WSR, 1983 Ayrton Senna Super Lap at Madrid. I was able to gold this event with just my transmission settings and lowering the LSD Accel to 25, using the default suspension settings. If you are just looking for gold, try that and move on. I then spent some time trying to squeak out a fast flying lap. My current lap is 1:25.816 which is good enough for 275th place at the moment. I have no idea how the fast among us are getting into the 1:24's and 1:23's. Maybe my tune in the hands of an alien can get there, but in my hands, its worth about a 1:25.

Link to the tune here:
Game Version
Controller Type
Steering Wheel
Vehicle Manufacturer
Gran Turismo
Performance Points
559 PP
Max. Power
172 HP
455 kg
Weight Distribution
Tires (Front)
Racing: Hard
Tires (Rear)
Racing: Hard
Pit Service
  1. Change Oil
Motor City Hami
First release
Last update
4.80 star(s) 5 ratings

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Latest reviews

got a 1:29.3 with a total stock car and a 1:25.6 with this tune it is a very easy drive and with a few tweeks I'm sure that can be improved upon thanks
Motor City Hami
Motor City Hami
Thank you for the review.
thank you very much.excellent tune!
my time is 1:24:760
Motor City Hami
Motor City Hami
Thank you.
Amazing tune
Motor City Hami
Motor City Hami
Thanks. Appreciate the review.
Excellent tune. Thank you. What other tunes do you do? I race on RouteX. Any help, would be very much appreciated.
Motor City Hami
Motor City Hami
Thank you for the review. I do have a garage with tunes, but my game time is pretty tight right now. I will have more time late in the year. I don't do top speed tunes. I am a corner speed guy, but hey, Route X does have a few corners in it. My tune with a gear box from the drag racing forums may be fast? Link to my garage.
Very quick tune, propelled me to a 1:24.514
Motor City Hami
Motor City Hami
Thank you for the review.